Russian Government Hack

Russian Hack of US Government Agencies Poses ‘Grave Risk’

After days of mixed messages and uncertainty, the Trump administration finally admitted on Sunday that several key Federal agencies have been hacked. They were hacked

Donald Trump Ross Ulbricht

Trump Considering Clemency For Convicted Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht

Since ending the stay on federal executions in July, outgoing President Donald Trump has been refusing to grant clemency to the vast majority of cases

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden Preps First Solo Art Show – Yes, THAT Hunter Biden!

The son of President-elect Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, has made a lot of news this year. And now he’s making headlines again, but this time

Joe Biden President

Joe Biden Clinches Electoral College Victory to be Officially Named President-Elect

It has been a long year for everyone who wondered who the next president of the United States would be. It seems as though the

Andrew Cuomo New York

Former Aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo Alleges Sexual Harassment: ‘I Know I’m Not the Only Woman’

A former aide to the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has come forward with some shocking allegations. The former aide, Lindsay Boylan, claims that

Whitehouse Christmas

White House Christmas Decorations 2020: ‘America the Beautiful’

Every year, Americans wait eagerly to see how the White House will be adorned for Christmas. A tradition that has spanned generations, the White House

Donald Trump Tweet

Biden Preps for Transition While Trump Retweets Weird Randy Quaid Video

The difference between 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump is stark and highlighted in the way the two men are choosing to spend

Gavin Newsom COVID-19

California Governor Newsom Ignoring COVID Precautions Even as He Sounds Alarm About Increasing Cases

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has been under fire since attending a November 6th birthday party. Even as cases in California and across the US skyrocket

Joe Biden President

Joe Biden to Become Next President As US Celebrates First Female VP

The most contentious election cycle in modern history is drawing to a stunning conclusion, after a nearly week-long vote counting marathon. As voters watching anxiously,

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi’s Speaker Job in Peril with Republican Gains in House

Although the winner of the presidential race is still undetermined, one thing is clear: Republicans are gaining in the House of Representatives. Although Democrats had