Presidential Debate 2020

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden: The First Presidential Showdown

The long-awaited day has arrived, and the incumbent President Donald J Trump faced off tonight against opponent former Vice President Joe Biden. Both came to

Joe Biden Tax Returns

Joe Biden Releases Tax Returns

There has been a lot of talk surrounding President Donald Trump’s tax returns this week. While Trump has yet to publicly release his returns to

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump Hints That Joe Biden is On Drugs As Debate Approaches

In recent weeks, President Donald J Trump has been ringing alarm bells about former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump has suggested that Biden will be

Joe Biden debate

Joe Biden’s Debate Performance is Make or Break for the Former VP

Former Vice President Joe Biden is hours away from standing on a debate stage with opponent President Donald J Trump. For Trump, tonight represents an

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Debate: How Both are Prepping for the Big Night

With the presidential debate mere hours away, the two contestants should be prepping like prize fighters. But what’s really going on in the Joe Biden

Joe Biden Presidential Candidate

Joe Biden Continues to Lead in Polls As First Debate Approaches

With just a day to go before former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald J Trump square off in the first presidential debate of

Donald Trump

Trump Wants to Ditch Ballots So He Can Stay in Power

On Wednesday, President Donald J Trump said something at a press conference that made people on both sides of the political aisle pause. Trump was

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump Talks Banning Joe Biden from Becoming President

In what has been a contentious election year, President Donald J Trump has just ramped up his attacks on his opponent again. Alongside issuing personal

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead At 87

We are saddened to report that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at 87 years old. The cause of death was complications from her

TikTok WeChat

TikTok New Downloads Banned After Sunday; WeChat Banned Altogether

Users of app giant TikTok and WeChat have been nervously watching the negotiations between their parent companies and the White House. Chinese-owned ByteDance Ltd. and