Caviar Kaspia is Coming to New York City’s Famed The Mark Hotel This Fall

Caviar Kaspia is more than a brand of caviar; it's a captain in the industry. And those who love a

Caviar Kaspia is Coming to New York City's Famed The Mark Hotel This Fall

Caviar Kaspia is more than a brand of caviar; it's a captain in the industry. And those who love a good caviar baked potato don't have to travel overseas anymore to indulge – it's coming to the United States.

Caviar Kaspia is opening their beloved restaurant and shop in the heart of one of New York City's finest luxury hotels – The Mark Hotel. The Upper East Side location is sure to delight fans of the Caviar Kaspia brand, because indulging in a meal at Caviar Kaspia is more than a dinner – it's a luxury experience.

Caviar Kaspia Comes to Mark Hotel in NYC

Although Caviar Kaspia has opened pop-ups in New York before, this is the brand's first permanent location in the Big Apple. Kaspia's restaurant and boutique is an upscale experience that delights with the world's best brand of caviar.

Caviar Kaspia is moving into the ground-level at The Mark Hotel where the restaurant will offer its famed menu that includes a twice-baked potato topped with caviar, eggs with caviar, pasta with caviar, blinis with salmon, bottarga and more.

Town & Country writes, "When it opens this fall, the restaurant and boutique will join a city that is already experiencing a caviar boom. The Nines, which opened earlier this year and has been compared to a downtown version of Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle, features an ode to Caviar Kaspia on its menu: the twice-baked Kaspian potato, served with creme fraiche and topped with 30 grams of Osetra caviar. The Osetra caviar on the dish reportedly comes from CaviAIR, a new company that also sells caviar directly to consumers with a goal of demystifying the delicacy. One of its millennial founders, Ariel Arce, is a champagne expert who also runs the downtown New York hotspots Tokyo Record Bar, Air’s Champagne Parlor, Niche Niche, and Special Club."

In addition, guests will be able to shop the Caviar Kaspia boutique which provides access to caviar products and all the items you need to indulge.

The Mark Hotel

The location that Caviar Kaspia is about to call home in NYC is one of the finest in the city, a luxury 5-star hotel with elegance from floor to ceiling.

The rooms at The Mark Hotel range in variety from a Madison Queen up to a Seventy-Seven King. Suites start at the 700sqft Courtyard Junior Suite up to the massive 10,000sqft Mark Penthouse.

The color palette throughout the hotel embraces soothing creams, golds, and dark woods for an elegant feel with luxury finishes. Pops of color like jewel tone purples and yellows add whimsy and statement pieces.

Located in New York City's Upper East Side, the hotel's atmosphere was lovingly crafted by designer Jacques Grange. Grange was a stickler for detail and crafted the feel of the hotel from the smallest piece to the overall vibe.

While staying at The Mark Hotel, guests can indulge in The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges, or the famous Mark Bar.

A stay at The Mark Hotel is more than just a pass-through or a place to unwind; it's an elevated destination with elegance, luxury, and the finer things in life at its core. The addition of Caviar Kaspia turns the hotel into a day spot for New Yorkers and visitors to the city who love the world's best caviar, and who want to be pampered while eating.

For more information or to book your stay at The Mark Hotel, visit the website.

Caviar Kaspia

Caviar Kaspia has a history that reaches back to the early 1900's, a family legacy of refinement and excellence. Founded by a Russian immigrant, Arcady Fixon, in Paris in 1927 – the roots of Caviar Kaspia lie in Maison Kaspia.

Throughout the next few decades, the Caviar Kaspia family expanded throughout parts of Europe, including Nice and Cannes.

The restaurant and boutique people know so well now was opened in 1953 in 17 place de la Madeleine, Paris. Although its founder Fixon died in the '70's, the family tradition was passed down through the generations.

Caviar Kaspia is a brand that's focused on refining and perfecting the industry of caviar, offering only the best. They also offer a Vodka Kaspia, created through the same mission and dedication to excellence.

The combination of Caviar Kaspia and The Mark Hotel is a high-life-lover's dream, bringing together two of the world's finest brand names into a single experience that's sure to delight from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave – with your favorite caviar can in tow.

For more information on Caviar Kaspia, visit the website.