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World-Famous DJ Cedric Gervais Wins Fennis Championship


Apr. 8 2021, Updated 9:36 a.m. ET

After some big talk and some uncertainty about when, the World “Fennis” Championship between David Grutman and world-famous DJ Cedric Gervais has finally gone down. Today, the pair went head-to-head at a private secret location. Grutman showed up for battle with the heart to win—and the results are in. Gervais was favored -220—but who was the victor?

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What is Fennis?


Fennis, also known as, “fake tennis,” is a sport similar to tennis with a ball and racket, played shirtless in a bathing suit, on Instagram, every day, four hours a day for two years. Fennis features an underhand serve. Sometimes celebrity friends guest star in Fennis matches. While pickle ball was the sport of 2019, Fennis is the sport of 2021. Anybody can play Fennis.

Who Won?

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Gervais, world-famous DJ, and the guy to know in Miami, took a break from skiing in Aspen to attend the championship. He hasn’t played in years. In the days preceding the match, Gervais talked a big game, saying in a clip shared by CELEB that even an untrained grandmother could defeat his opponent. Grutman, Miami’s King of Hospitality, is a determined and practiced player who wouldn’t go down easily. When the pair met for the showdown, it was clear that both were serious and ready to win.

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But if Grutman hoped to snatch victory from Gervais, he was left wanting. The three rounds ended strongly in Gervais’ favor as he trounced Grutman 11-5, 11-2, and 15-6.

Of the victory, Gervais exclusively told CELEB, “to be fully honest, I had a severe back injury leading up to the FENNIS match. To tell you the full truth, I was 45 percent but I could not let my fans down. I always knew in my heart I am a FENNIS champion. I’m honored to have this title and I will defend it to my death. The things David Grutman said about me were not nice, considering he knew deep down inside his guts how bad of a FENNIS player he is. I am happy for today, but I’m sad for all the people like Nik Richie who wagered real heavy money hoping for a miracle.”

Fennis Nik Richie

Richie, CELEB’s CEO placed a $1,000 losing bet on Grutman, while CELEB COO, Nima Askari, placed a $400 bet on Gervais, winning $182.

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Gervais clearly didn’t come to play—this sport is about blood and victory. A rematch is rumored.

Benefitting Charity

A world champion in Fennis isn’t the only beautiful thing to come from this life-or-death battle—could a rematch to benefit charity already be in the works? Check back for more breaking Fennis news.

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