CELEB Magazine is Now Part of Richie Media Corporation

CELEB is announcing some exciting changes, with a promising 2022 ahead. Launched in 2020, CELEB has quickly become one of

Richie Media Corporation

CELEB is announcing some exciting changes, with a promising 2022 ahead. Launched in 2020, CELEB has quickly become one of the top content platforms for celebrity news, lifestyle, crime and other feature stories. The CELEB app provides articles, podcasts and videos for a variety of interest groups.

CELEB Magazine‘s content-rich platform is powered by a team of award-winning writers and editors, dedicated to reporting fresh, exclusive and inventive stories on a range of topics.

And now, CELEB is poised to take a giant leap into the stratosphere for 2022.

Part of Richie Media Corporation

Nik Richie

2022 opens a new chapter for the CELEB brand. Richie Media Corporation is the new venture formed by Nik Richie, the original celebrity blogger, media mogul and multi-platform content creator. Richie has proven his talent and expertise in an extraordinary career spanning nearly two decades in pop-culture-driven media, including digital, television and social media. He defined the term ‘Celebrity Blogger,’ has crusaded for first-amendment rights and broke some of the biggest investigative news stories of this era. In his professional and personal evolution, he now wears the badges of father, philanthropist, mentor and denizen of art and design.

Richie Media Corp. has acquired CELEB Magazine as a flagship brand, with the platform pulling strong traffic from its exclusive breaking news across inventive stories, celebrity insights, official announcements and high-interest stories.

Plans for the Future

In the pre-seed round, CELEB acquired $1.2M in funding with a goal of $100M. With a variety of podcasts, written and video components to the app and brand, Richie aims to grow and add to the CELEB family.

Richie is thrilled to introduce the network, and said in a statement “‘Richie Media Corp is my new venture to acquire legacy brands in the digital marketplace. My team and I have over two decades of knowledge in the tech and online media space. Our goal is to enhance and monetize existing assets that have overextended themselves. I am excited to infuse our capital into great domains.’”

What CELEB has to Offer

Nik Richie

CELEB currently offers the following content:

  • Richie Rides: Richie takes a ride with one of his friends and industry peers, to talk about life, careers and how to create success.
  • Richie Rich: In this video series, Richie takes viewers behind the scenes of building a media brand. Richie has gotten to a point in his life where he hopes to share his knowledge and help others succeed.
  • 10M: Travel in 10 minutes. This 10-minute or less video series takes people on a journey to some of the most fascinating high-life destinations in the world.
  • Girl Dad: A podcast with Richie and daughter Press Richie, a vibrant and brilliant up-and-coming content star.
  • The Hotel: A video series that takes people behind the scenes at some of the most upscale and fascinating hotels around the world.
  • Room Number: A written format series that shows readers the finest suites and rooms inside the finest hotels.
  • CELEB‘s news platform: The online magazine format allows CELEB a chance to inform readers with factual reporting with engaging, easy-to-read, interesting takes on the world’s breaking stories.

Whether you’re new to the CELEB brand or you’ve been with us from the beginning, it’s time to blossom into a new and exciting 2022. Come along for the ride as Richie Media Corporation opens doors and creates opportunities, bringing new and exciting content to readers.