‘Richie Rich’ with Nik Richie; a Glimpse Behind the Curtain

Sometimes people look at life and see only what’s in front of them. Consumed by the daily grind, we often

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Sometimes people look at life and see only what’s in front of them. Consumed by the daily grind, we often miss the beauty of life that’s standing right in front of us. Nik Richie wants to take people on a journey to explore the glory of life that lies behind the curtain. Join CELEB for the brand new Richie Rich series; it’s not just about being wealthy, it’s about the wealth of life.

Richie Rich

Nik Richie

About two months ago, Nik Richie shared on his Instagram a story titled, “Richie Rich.” In it, he tongue-in-cheek jokingly flexed on a wealthy lifestyle, sharing all the ridiculous things that wealthy people often say. But as the story progressed, it became clear that this series isn’t just about wealth; it’s about the wealth of life. It’s about what’s behind the hustle, the bustle, the brands and the fame. It’s about what you can achieve when you build a brand and start a fame family that can elevate you to a place of progress.

With Richie Rich, Richie wants to help people peek behind the curtain of success and growth and give them a guide on how to achieve it. So yes, it’s a bit about wealth; but it’s about so much more.

Episode 1 of Richie Rich

Richie Rich

In Episode 1 of Richie Rich which is accessible now on the CELEB app, Richie takes viewers through the thought process behind the series. In the very first video, it opens with Richie boarding a private jet. In a somber voiceover, Richie explains “I just think life, it’s so interesting. You could feel like you have total control, or you know where you’re going; I’m in this weird phase of life where I’m trying to figure out things. It’s a ‘start over’ process.’ But for me, it’s more of a reflection.”

Richie continues, “And shooting this show for everyone, bringing Richie Rich to the forefront, it’s not about wealth. It’s about the richness of life, and what that means, and how to achieve that happiness.”

In an interview, Richie explains to his CELEB team; “With Richie Rich what I’m trying to do, honestly it’s just a follow show. I just want everyone to see behind the scenes how our operations work, and to try to show people the rise of CELEB. This is not the past. This is the future.”

“This is not Richie Rich as in, ‘f–k you, I have money. It’s Richie Rich as far as life, wealth, and heart. I want to show people from an entrepreneurial standpoint, this is how you grow a business.”

Join CELEB’s Journey

In the interview discussing the creating of Richie Rich, the CELEB team including videographer Bryan Perez, Editor at large of CELEBMelinda Sheckells, and COO Nima Askari, talks about how things have gotten worse in the aftermath of COVID. People are selfish again, and focused on their own needs. But Richie wants to buck that trend. The former Dirty.com owner explains, “Now, I’m at a really good part in my life where I feel comfortable giving it all to everybody. There was so much selfishness inside of me, by having a family, by keeping everything safe within, keeping secrets, and saving people for my own personal gain. I lost sense of self. I think for me, in this journey, and what I want to show everybody, is the team behind me and the people supporting me have always been there. But I haven’t given enough. It’s not only family and friends, it’s the world.”

Richie adds, “So now, this journey with Richie Rich is more of a give back. It’s more of me waking up, telling you the truth, telling you how I feel, telling you that I’m f–king hurt. I’ve been through it all, I really have. I’ve been spit on, I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been shot at. I’ve been sued a million times for billions of dollars. And I’m still here. I don’t know how, but I’m still here. And, to me, I always thought love was the answer; to force love, to chase love. To be in love. With the fantasy of love. And that’s gone.”

Richie is taking viewers on a journey behind the scenes of his success. The good, the bad, and the ugly. “You can live in karma, or you can be karma.”

Nik Richie Chervin

Throughout the video, Richie is seen surrounded by friends – some who have been there all along, and some he’s met along the way. The video shows Richie with a number of big names in hospitality and entertainment, proving that he’s found the recipe for success involves having the kinds of friends who lift you up; you help each other along. Noteworthy faces in the video include Jared Garcia, Resorts World/ Zouk Group Las Vegas’ director of social experience, Lane Krai, the brand marketing manager of Resorts World, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, owners of the Oppenheim Group, Chervin Jafarieh, founder of Cymbiotika, DJ Brody Jenner, Matt Osborn, talent manager and entrepreneur, Vinny Guadagnino, Jack Harlow and DJ Zedd. Not everyone knows everyone worth knowing, but Nik Richie does.

Richie concludes; “It’s not easy being Richie Rich.”

With the amount of public hate Richie has faced over the years, that’s an entirely accurate statement. Richie is ready to take people behind the curtain and let them know who he is and what he’s been through. In the process, he hopes to create a guide for people to follow as to how to gather their own team and create their own success. CELEB is going on this journey of growth fully loaded with all of Richie’s experiences and the knowledge he’s gained in the processes, both the fun and the horrible, it’s clear that this video series will be an honest expose into the world of fame, success, and the way it feels to travel through it all as a human being.

CELEB presents: Richie Rich.

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