CELEB Magazine has launched a new Writers Program! Founded by Nik Richie, a giant in the celebrity news world, Writers is an exciting opportunity for writers and journalists to hone, practice, and publish their skills, the Writers program is a masterclass academy for writers at various skill levels. I spoke with the General Manager of CELEB, Nima Askari, to get his take on what people should know about this wonderful chance for writers and journalists to learn from the best. 

First, I wanted to get an overview of the program and asked Askari how he would describe the program in brief.

Askari responded enthusiastically, “The site is a journalist masterclass that allows writers to be seen and be featured onto the CELEB Magazine website. It provides a pathway to the CELEB main site.”

The Importance of Real News Versus Fake News

Nima Askari

Offering a more in-depth look into what Writers has to offer, Askari explained, “The site allows writers to write real news rather than the fake news we are being fed in this day and age.”

How To Get Involved

For those looking to get involved, Askari explained the process: “First, an interested writer or journalist should submit an application to CELEB Magazine. After we receive and approve the application and writing samples, our on-boarding Manager Morgan Dunn will then send on-boarding materials.”

Askari continued, “Once they’re ready to contribute, the writer will join a collaborative Slack channel, where they can either be pitched an idea or put their ideas to the test and write on what truly interests them, and they are passionate about.”

Writing With Passion is the Key to Success

Celeb Writer's Program Masterclass

Askari feels strongly about letting people’s passion shine through their work; “Not being a micro-manager, I typically allow writers choose what they are most passionate about. One exception would be an opinionated political piece. We have been fed too much of those in the current climate we are in. One of the most important goals is for the writers to distinguish the difference between fake news and real news. Writing with passion is the key to success, so we encourage our writers to explore topics that matter to them.”

Multiple Topic Categories To Choose From

The Writers program is looking for a wide variety of topics, as Askari explained: “The categories we’re seeking content for are: influencer, crime, gaming, lifestyle, luxury, travel, music, sports and gaming. We are also always looking to expand!”

An Opportunity for Those Needing a Foot in the Door

Celeb Writer's Program

With a program like Writers, CELEB offers opportunities for people who might otherwise be passed up by other news sites. Some people have a lack of professional experience, have been out of the industry for awhile, or are looking to explore their passion for writing and just need a chance. Writers offers something for everyone who wants to put in the effort and learn, as Askari explains; “with our Contributor talent pool, we are able to bring some amazing talent on-board to join the CELEB writer team. Some of whom might not have the same opportunities with other publications. But everyone deserves an opportunity. I truly believe that with the right coaching, mentoring, hard work, and patience, anyone can achieve their dreams. Some of our writers are experienced journalists, some are just stretching their wings, and it is amazing to read all of their work. A truly enjoyable experience.”

What Can Writers and Journalists Hope to Gain From Participating In the Program?

I asked Askari what writers and journalists should expect to get out of participation with the program. Askari was excited to talk about what the program has to offer writers in the way of skill-building; “One main resource that contributors will be provided with through participation is education with the master class. We will also provide mentoring by Nik Richie. We will be implementing that part of it next month. It will be really special to be able to get all the writers under one digital roof and really break down barriers. Through this, we will have Nik connect with and mentor the writers that want that resource.”

Askari added, “another opportunity our journalists and writers will be provided is being featured on the main site and having their story seen by CELEB fans, which is a really special feeling. One well-timed story has launched entire careers before, and the chance to have your work published on our main site provides the substance and opportunity to propel your career upwards.”

What Do You Picture Writers Will Become?

Celeb Writer's Article

Askari went on to explain his vision for the future; “six months from now, our writer program will be a ‘Writer Academy’ masterclass. I see more than 200 writers collaborating and being featured on the site. Our categories are updated daily with fresh content for readers to enjoy daily.”

Reaching farther into the future, Askari predicted, “two years from now, fifty stories a day will be contributed in the CELEB Writers program.”

For Those Struggling With Confidence, It’s Time to Take the First Step

One thing writers often struggle with is the confidence to take the first step. I asked Askari what he would say to those hesitant or struggling with the confidence to put their skills to digital paper. Askari, an encouraging and positive person, offered this advice: “the first step is writing! Take the chance and put your thought into action so you are able to be heard and seen. We have had 10 Million unique impressions on CELEB and we have started in June! We are still young, and I hope our contributors can be a part of our growth, and a part of the journey in leaving a footprint in media. We want to build a team where people are expanding and showcasing their skills, and we’re building a reputation with some of the best writing and journalist contributors the internet has to offer.”

Manager Dunn added, “the response to the Writers program has been astounding! The quality of candidates, and their willingness to grow this together, really highlights the sense of community.”

It’s not often that writers and journalists have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an up-and-coming publication. News sites with experienced and successful team leaders don’t launch every day, so this unique opportunity is one people should sit up and pay attention to. With the experience of the team at hand, the audience CELEB has to offer, and the wide variety of skill-building resources that contributors will be able to take advantage of, the Writers program offers a unique and career-building chance for writers and journalists to take that first step, a step back into the industry, or any step they can dream of. As Walt Disney once famously said, “if you can dream it, you can do it.” The first step is to take a deep breath, and take a chance on yourself. 

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