Celebrate in New Year’s Eve Central at the Times Square EDITION

There’s no better place in the world to be at New Year’s than New York City. It’s a glittering gem

Times Square EDITION

There’s no better place in the world to be at New Year’s than New York City. It’s a glittering gem filled with celebrations and joy, and one of the world’s most iconic New Year’s Eve events happens in the heart of Times Square. When planning a NYE celebration, many people dream of being there at Times Square when the crystal ball drops, ringing in a new year with thousands of people in a party like no other. If this is your dream as well, the Times Square EDITION hotel may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

New Year’s Eve at Times Square EDITION

Times Square EDITION

Pretty much every hotel in New York City dresses up to the nines to celebrate New Year’s for obvious reasons. So why would the EDITION stand out, head and shoulders, above its peers? EDITION hotels are always something special in and of themselves, but they know how to take a holiday and make it extra. 

They’re offering two packages this year to make the end of 2021 an over-the-top celebration. The first package includes a celebration at the hotel’s signature restaurant, The Terrace, and Outdoor Gardens, along with:

  • Welcome Drinks and Canapes
  • 5-hour Open Bar, curated wine and cocktail list
  • 5 course tasting menu curated by Michelin-starred Chef John Fraser with premium wine pairing curated by 2021 Esquire’s Beverage Director of the Year Amy Racine
  • Live music entertainment
  • VIP access to live viewing of the Ball Drop in Times Square
  • After party at 701West, including 2-hour Open Bar from 12am-2am.

That package starts at $3,000 per person and can be booked online

The second New Year’s Eve package being offered by the Times Square EDITION is called the Penthouse Package, and it includes all of the luxuries of the first package plus a 2-night stay in their 40th floor Penthouse which includes all amenities of a private residence. The Penthouse Package will set you back $25,000 and can be booked by calling +1-212-261-5235 or emailing [email protected]

As its name suggests, EDITION gives a perfect view of Times Square, so you’ll be celebrating with the masses yet above it all. 

Times Square EDITION

Times Square EDITION

If you like the vibe of New York City during New Year’s but prefer to be away from the noise and chaos, celebrating at the EDITION is the perfect choice. Whether you buy a package with all of the special holiday events or just stay at the hotel to be near it all, you’ll find some way to spend your time that makes it memorable. 

EDITION hotels are special destinations for guests, each one built inside an established building and designed to embrace the city it lives within. Times Square EDITION embodies the heart of a New York City hotel, exemplifying modern luxury just steps away from everything the Big Apple has to offer. Perch above the city that never sleeps in one of 452 guest accommodations, taking in the breathtaking New York City skyline and the sparkling lights of a city that seems alive. 

The room decor is all clean lines, simplicity and whites and creams to soothe away your aches from a day of exploring one of the world’s greatest cities. From the standard guest room all the way up to the Penthouse suite, each room offers floor-to-ceiling windows and an unforgettable view, along with all of the modern comforts and amenities you dream of in a luxury New York City hotel. They’ve taken all of the modern luxuries of a state-of-the-art hotel and blended them with comfort and class, so it doesn’t feel sterile or stiff – just relaxing. 

The property offers several dining and entertainment options including an indoor and outdoor restaurant, bars, and a club to dance away the evening hours. 

Whether you’re staying in for the evening or venturing out, Times Square EDITION is perfectly placed to offer you easy access to either option. For more information or to book your stay, visit the website

The History of the Ball Drop

If you do plan to coincide your stay with New Year’s and gaze out over the crowd of thousands as they sing and kiss and celebrate the drop of the giant crystal ball, you may wonder how the – frankly bizarre – tradition started. Why do we gather every year to watch a giant ball descend? CELEB takes a look at the history behind the celebration. 

The drop of a ball to mark a point in time is an ages-old tradition, dating back at least to the 1700’s. But how did it come to Times Square? Better Homes & Gardens writes, “The very first Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration took place on December 31, 1904—but there was no ball drop that year. The event was organized by Adolph Ochs, the owner of The New York Times. The newspaper had just opened its headquarters in Times Square, and Ochs wanted a memorable way to ring in the new year and celebrate the newspaper’s milestones. That year, 200,000 people gathered in the streets of New York City to celebrate.

Each year after the 1904 event, Ochs organized bigger and more elaborate New Year’s Eve parties in Times Square. In December of 1907, he commissioned a large New Year’s Eve ball that would be lowered as the crowd counted down to midnight. The ball was made of iron, wood, and weighed over 700 pounds.

The tradition was such a success that Ochs kept organizing the celebration year after year, even after The New York Times moved out of Times Square. Since then, millions of people have watched the ball’s 141-foot descent in person and on live broadcasts.”

The very first ball, commissioned by Ochs, was a 700-lb mass of iron and wood. It was replaced in 1920 with a slightly lighter 400-lb wrought iron ball. In 1950, the ball gave into a fad diet and dropped to 150-lbs, made out of aluminum. 

But the advent of modern technology and the approach of 2000 meant things would be going the other direction, and in 1999 the recognizable crystal ball was added to celebrate the millenium. These days, the ball being used weighs in at a whopping 11,000-lbs and is covered in LED lighting that can be used to display more than 16,000 colors and patterns across its 6-ft diameter, which is why it never looks exactly the same.

The ball drop in NYC is one of the country’s most iconic and instantly recognizable traditions, and every year tens of thousands – to hundreds of thousands, depending on who you ask – of people flock to the Big Apple to get in on the party. Performers entertain crowds who stand on aching legs for hours just to be close to the action – and when the ball drops, “New York, New York,” plays and people kiss – even if it’s a stranger. Hey, we won’t judge. It’s a big moment. 

In 2020, only 100 people were allowed to attend due to pandemic restrictions. But this year, the crowds can return – if they’re fully vaccinated, that is. If you’re ready to be close to it all but suspended over it like an elite angel – check out Times Square EDITION this New Year’s Eve.