Celebrity Event Planners Bring the Super Bowl Party Home

Looking to dine in luxury while staying safe at home during the pandemic? Now you can experience the luxury of

Celebrity Event Dinner Party

Looking to dine in luxury while staying safe at home during the pandemic? Now you can experience the luxury of a celebrity dinner event right from the comfort of your own home. Celebration Home combines the expertise and quality of top tier celebrity event planners with the all-inclusive and affordable convenience of a ship-to-home box with everything you’ll need for the perfect night of pampering and high life fun. 

Celebration Home’s Mission

Celebrity Event Dinner Party

Celebration Home is the brainchild of renowned event designers and creators of bespoke culinary experiences Jennifer Zabinski and Olivier Cheng

Zabinski is a titan in the world of planning, creating stunning events in premiere locations like Aspen, Paris, NYC, St. Barts, and others. Her website explains, “Jennifer’s work has been recognized in the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Brides, Glamour, The Knot, among many other magazines, blogs, and websites. She lives in New York City with her husband, two children, and dog, Gunner.”

Cheng is a catering and events planner with a professional list of accomplishments a mile long. Cheng’s experience includes work with Vogue,Tommy Hilfiger, Tiffany & Co., Prada, MoMA, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Cartier, Bergdorf Goodman, Columbia University, Dom Perignon and more. 

They’ve worked with celebrities like Serena Williams, Tory Burch, and more. 

Together, they collaborated to offer a singular experience for clients hoping to feel pampered and safe at the same time. The Celebration Home website explains, “What began this summer as Destination:Hamptons – delivered destination-based dinners to Hamptons residents to replace missed summer vacations to Capri, Mykonos and the like – was a pivot from Jennifer and Olivier’s core businesses, which had slowed considerably for them and many of their employees and suppliers during the pandemic quarantine.

The pivot was so successful that the idea grew into celebrationhome, a transportable, multi-sensory experience using cuisine as a centerpiece.  Beyond delivering a meal for a small dinner party gathering, Jennifer and Olivier leaned into their design talents that draw from art, fashion, culture, film and music to curate menus with unexpected moments similar to those they create for their memorable events.

With the refocus on home, they have designed a journey for guests that begins the moment they pass over the threshold into a host’s home.”

What They Offer

Celebration Home offers a variety of experiences, rather than a product. Those interested in the unique experience picks out a box with a theme.

Per the website, “Each created with many layers, ‘the boxes’ are designed to guide you and your guests through an incredible, immersive evening from beginning to end.  This is exactly why every menu has a beginning, middle and ending rather than courses. 

The larger box contains the ‘tastes’.  All taste components are developed in Olivier Cheng’s commissary with his incredible culinary and mixology team.

The smaller box contains the ‘sips & senses.’ Jennifer Zabinski’s exemplary skills as an experience creator led her to create the ‘five senses of place’:

– The very unpacking of the box is a thing to see

– Every experience comes with something to

smell that will transport guests from the moment they arrive

– Jennifer’s team curates a

soundtrack for each experience to blur the lines between your home and the moment being created

A touch component that permits guests to physically interact with the experience and each other

A taste journey that begins with a crafted welcome cocktail and snacks and follows through the evening to the sweet ending and a take home delight.”

In an e-mail with CELEB, Celebration Home broke down for us exactly what clients can choose between:

“Unlike traditional catered dinner parties, Jennifer and Olivier have curated several multi-sensorial dining experiences that evoke their notable, large-scale events complete with music, design elements, farm-to-table food and even atmosphere-setting scents. These ‘immersive evenings at home’ with loved ones promise to feed the mind, soul and heart as we entertain at home during the holidays and winter. It also gives back to dozens of local purveyors and to the Food Bank for NYC, as 5% of sales are donated to the organization.

How it works: Hosts choose customizable menus/experiences -serving 6-10 guests- from two categories: NY Dinners or Holiday. Everything is then customized and exquisitely packaged for delivery.”

Menus include goat cheese souffle, wagyu short ribs, artisanal cider, lobster risotto, crispy duck confit, queso oaxaca quesadillas,  honey glazed ham, braised duck, and more. 

How to Order

Football Cake

It’s very straightforward. If you’re within Celebration Home’s delivery radius, you simply pull up your computer, select your experience, and go for it.

Delivery zones include:

  • NYC’s five boroughs
  • Long Island
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Westchester
  • Dutchess County
  • Columbia County

The site recommends allowing at least 2 hours for you to familiarize yourself with the menu before serving.

They offer a variety of dinner experiences, including one specifically tailored for Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl Sunday experience includes craft beers, bourbon, game snacks, buffalo chicken lollipops, Kobe hot dogs, ribs, chips, lobster mac and cheese, and finishes the meal off with apple pie and other game-day goodies. 

The Celebration Home boxes are ideal for the perfect safe-at-home luxury dinner event everyone deserves after such a trying year.