Big Celebrities Join RWLV’s Eight Cigar Lounge Opening Celebration

It was a star-studded night as celebrities turned out to walk the red carpet at the opening for Resorts World

Eight Cigar Lounge

It was a star-studded night as celebrities turned out to walk the red carpet at the opening for Resorts World Las Vegas’s new Eight Cigar Lounge. The new lounge is a premier fine cigar venue that provides a selection of the world’s best cigars, paired with carefully picked complimenting liquors and amenities for guests to feel special and welcome. CELEB takes a look at who showed up to celebrate the big night and what visitors to Eight Cigar Lounge can expect now that it’s open and ready to welcome guests.

Opening Night

Eight Cigar Lounge

They’ve done it again! Resorts World Las Vegas continues to open winning venue after winning venue, from shopping and dining to entertainment and more. Now, the hottest new destination in Vegas has added a fine living venue that’s perfect for guests with high-life tastes, or those who want to indulge but may need a little help dipping their toes in to the world of cigars. Opening night was the end of a week-long celebration bringing the Eight Lounge into the Resorts World family fold, and it was a night to remember.

Celebrities from all walks of life showed up to the opening night events, looking dazzling on the red carpet. Here are some of the biggest familiar faces of the night:

  • Mike Tyson: World fighting champ Tyson showed up and gave his signature cursory smirk on the red carpet. 
  • Michael Cudlitz: Best known for his role on The Walking Dead, the award-winning actor looked super-fine in his evening attire. 
  • David Chesnoff: If you don’t already know the name of this mega-star celebrity lawyer, you probably will soon. Having represented almost every big name celebrity to come through Vegas who needs a pro at the head of their case, Chesnoff is a celebrity himself these days. 
  • Wayne Gretzky: Hockey legend Gretzky has his own temperature and humidity controlled locker in Eight Cigar Lounge. 
  • Alex Rodriguez: Baseball star and sports commentator A-Rod flashed a smile on his way into the Lounge.
  • Charles Oakley: Another sports legend, this basketball superstar showed up to celebrate the evening. 
  • Dan Bilzerian: The sometimes controversial, love-him-or-hate-him social media star and poker player enjoyed the evening.
  • Phil Ivey: Another poker star, legendary Ivey looked comfortable on the red carpet. 

Guests were welcomed with ample supplies of Casa Fuentes and Drew Estate cigars, bottles of Casamigos and Grey Goose on all the tables, and signature cocktails, including the Macallan 18 smoked Old Fashioned. Lounge-style singer Christina Amato helped set the sultry atmosphere. It felt like a night pulled out of another ’20’s decade, and it’s clear that Eight Cigar Lounge is more than just a home for humidors; it’s an entertainment venue that strikes all the right chords.

Eight Cigar Lounge

Eight Cigar Lounge

Eight was created in the minds of Giuseppe Bravo and Chesnoff, and managed by Clique Hospitality. In the heart of Resorts World, the lounge offers the perfect place to take a step out of time and enjoy a night of sophistication and upper-class indulging. With over 7,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor entertaining space and a terrace that overlooks the Vegas strip, it’s the perfect location for fun.

In September, CELEB took a look at what was to come with the exciting opening: “So what is Eight Lounge? A press release describes the upcoming destination as a state-of-the-art cigar and spirits lounge, that will premier hand-rolled cigars in a ,’comfortable environment that’s both stylish, contemporary, and vibrant.’ The lounge boasts a custom, walk-in humidor and over 150 cigars for guests to choose from, including several exclusive to Eight Lounge.

The right drink to complement your cigar choice is essential to enjoyment, so ‘cigar sommeliers,’ will help guests pick the perfect pairing. Temperature-controlled lockers will be available for guests, so they can store their purchases and continue their night’s enjoyments.

The design for Eight Lounge is a careful representation of Chinese culture, right down to its importance and symbolism of numbers, including the number eight. The press release describes the care that went into creating the perfect space; “The number [eight], which is thought infinite in East Asia, is incorporated into the lounge and humidor, which is divided into eight sections.”

With deep tufted couches, dark wood trim, and an air of sophistication and ease, Eight is a spectacular head above the rest cigar venue for lovers and newcomers alike.

To plan and book your night at Eight, visit the website for more information.

Cigars Have Their Moment

Ybor City Tampa

If it seems like you’re suddenly hearing more about cigars, you’re not alone. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s again the “Roaring ’20’s” or maybe people are just focused more on enjoying life after the lessons from the pandemic, but cigars are again having their day.

From cigar lounges opening up in premiere locations like Resorts World to vacations centered on enjoying the best cigars the world has to offer, it’s a hobby having a popular resurgence these days. Some hotels are offering cigar-themed packages and experiences, including:

  • Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. Often considered one of the world cigar capitals, Ybor City has a rich history and vibrant local flavors to partake of.
  • Sea Island, Georgia. The Oak Room in Sea Island is a top-tier cuisine destination with a cigar and spirits menu to delight.
  • Hotel Granduca, Austin Texas. Built like an Italian villa picked up and transported across the world, the Granduca is the perfect cigar-lovers retreat deep in the heart of Texas.
  • Crown & Anchor, Bermuda. If you’re looking for a combo of paradise and cigars, set your compass for Bermuda.

But if you don’t have the time to spend hopping the world looking for fine cigars, never fear; you can find them all at Eight Cigar Lounge in Resorts World Las Vegas. Now that it’s open, mark it down on your weekend plans.