Here’s All The Celebrities Who Have Released Their Very Own Original Christmas Songs

It’s that time of year again, people! Yep, now that Halloween is over and it’s officially November it’s time to

Justin Bieber Christmas

It’s that time of year again, people! Yep, now that Halloween is over and it’s officially November it’s time to put away all the spooky decorations and bring out your Christmas decorations! The magical holiday is only a few months away now, and what better way is there to celebrate than by listening to a bunch of holiday-themed songs?!

By now, we’ve all heard the classic Christmas tunes like “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” “Santa Baby” or “Jingle Bells.” Well guys, if you’re bored with those tunes and looking for some new holiday music to rock out to, we’ve got you covered! It turns out, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have released their very own Christmas songs over the years, and they’re total bops. From the Jonas Brothers to Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber, here’s all the celebrities who have dropped holiday-themed tracks that you’re going to want to listen to…

The Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers

Get this — the Jonas Brothers not only have one, but they have two original Christmas songs! “I Need You Christmas” dropped in October 2020, and “Like It’s Christmas” came out one year earlier, in November 2019.

Liam Payne And Dixie D’Amelio

Payne shocked the entire world in October 2020 when he dropped a surprise Christmas song called “Naughty List” featuring D’Amelio! In the past, his song “All I Want (For Christmas)” came out in October 2019, and the gorgeous ballad had us all in our feels.

Justin Bieber

Bieber dropped his very own holiday-themed song, called “Mistletoe,” back in 2011. Even now, all these years have passed and we’re still listening to it every time the holiday rolls around!

Taylor Swift

Swift has her very own Christmas song — “Christmas Tree Farm,” which came out in December 2019 — and it is a total bop! But that’s not all. Back in 2007, the singer also released her very own Christmas album, called Taylor Swift Holiday Collection. It had mostly covers, but it also contained two original tracks called “Christmases When You Were Mine” and “Christmas Must Be Something More.”

Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff

In 2002, Duff made her very own Christmas CD too. It featured a bunch of covers and one original song called “Santa Claus Lane.”

Why Don’t We

The boyband wrote their own Christmas bop called “With You This Christmas.” It came out in November 2019 and it quickly became a fan-favorite!

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton

Stefani and her beau teamed up for a Christmas track called “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” in 2018. She also released another song called “Here This Christmas” one year later!

Ally Brooke

Fans were in for a total treat when the former Fifth Harmony member released a festive song called “Baby I’m Coming Home” in October 2020.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor

Trainor has actually released a few Christmas songs over the years! Our personal favorites were “I’ll Be Home” and “My Kind of Present” — but it’s hard to choose since they’re all so good!

Ariana Grande

As fans know, Grande released an entire Christmas-themed EP, called Christmas & Chill, back in December 2015, and get this — it had five original songs in total!

Carly Rae Jepsen

The “Call Me Maybe” songstress treated her fans with a holiday song titled “It’s Not Christmas ‘Till Somebody Cries” in October 2020. 

Little Mix

The girl group dropped a Christmas song called “One I’ve Been Missing” in November 2019, and it definitely makes us want to get up and dance!

Lea Michele

Lea Michelle

Michele released her own Christmas album full of covers in October 2019. And when she included an original song, called “Christmas in New York,” fans were living!

Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson’s Christmas album came out in 2013! It contained one original track called “Wrapped in Red.”

Katy Perry

Fans were pretty excited when Perry dropped a festive song called “Cozy Little Christmas” in December 2019!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga dropped a festive song called “Christmas Tree” in 2008. 

Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara

Cara showed off her epic vocals on the track “Make It To Christmas,” which dropped in November 2019.

Mariah Carey

Carey’s hit song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has become one of the most beloved songs of all time! It came out in 1994, and more than 26 years later, it’s still played every single year during the holidays!

Kanye West

The rapper dropped his very own Christmas song in 2010. It’s called “Christmas in Harlem” and we love it!

Britney Spears

Flash back to 2000, when Spears’ holiday song, “My Only Wish (This Year),” came out! It totally slayed the charts that year, and we understand why!



“Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” by ‘NSYNC is one of our favorite Christmas songs! It came out in 1998, and boy, was it popular.

The Backstreet Boys

If you’re looking for something to listen to this holiday, try putting on the Backstreet Boys’ track “Christmas Time.”

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