Celebrity Abodes: Kat Von D, Cesar Millan, Richard Gere and More

There’s nothing quite like a tour through a celebrity home. It gets our imagination churning and has us dreaming of


There’s nothing quite like a tour through a celebrity home. It gets our imagination churning and has us dreaming of someday becoming a star. If we manifest hard enough, maybe that breathtaking mansion can be ours. Or maybe you just enjoy seeing how over-the-top and ridiculous people can be in their decor choices. Whatever their motives, it’s undeniable that people enjoy seeing how the elite among us live. Here’s a look at four celebrity cribs that hit the market recently – so dream or judge away. 

Kat Von D


Kat Von D has been a staple in the tattoo and makeup world for decades. Aside from gaining celebrity starring on TLC’s LA Ink, Von D has also launched a wildly successful makeup brand that has sometimes been beset with controversy for some questionable choices. Love her or hate her, it’s clear that Von D has a signature style – does that extend to her Los Angeles home? Here’s what you want to know about the $15 million mansion that recently hit the market:

  • Cheaper by the Dozen: If you remember this cheeky 2003 film starring Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Hilary Duff and more – you probably recognize this home. Although it looks a little different now, this house famously played the silent family member in the ’03 hit. 
  • Victorian: Of course Von D’s home is Victorian in design, it fits her aesthetic perfectly. 
  • Gate: The front gate is over-the-top, wrought iron with gold touches here and there to make it elegant and somewhat brooding, if that can be said of a gate.
  • Front entrance: First you’ll wind your way through maze hedges – although you can pass between them if you prefer – and then you’ll find the front door, which is an imposing double door with an arched top. 
  • Just inside, the decor is all reds, blacks, and dark roods – the exact color palette you’d expect from Von D. 
  • Other rooms look like they were taken straight out of the palace at Versailles, with ornate furniture, wall paneling, and gold everywhere it could be added.
  • 11: The home boasts 11 over-the-top, luxurious, elegant, and way ostentatious bedrooms. Almost every bedroom has a fireplace and sitting area; it’s like being Hollywood royalty.
  • Baths: there are 8 baths and 1 half bath, each more ornate than the last.
  • Chef quality kitchen: The kitchen is lined with dark woods and a natural cream marble, with an island big enough to seat several friends while a host – or hostess – entertains.
  • Blood red: Von D has filled the pool with blood – okay maybe not blood, but red has been added to the pool to give it an eerie vampiric vibe. 
  • Built in the 1890’s by Isaac Newton Van Nuys, this home was moved to its current location in 1915. 

If you want to buy this home, it’ll only set you back $15 million – Von D purchased it for $6.5M in 2016. But the tattoo star is moving to greener passages, where she purchased another Victorian mansion in Indiana. To check the home out for yourself, visit the website

Richard Gere


Richard Gere is best known for his roles in Pretty Woman, An Officer and a Gentleman, and others. The 72-year-old has been at the heart of Hollywood for decades, but his heart has been living in upper New York. Now, he’s placed his palatial mansion in NY up for sale, and you won’t want to miss the details. Here’s what to look for in this $28 million Pound Ridge house that recently went up for sale:

  • Huge: It’s huge. Bigger than huge. 11,600 square feet huge. And you’ll have plenty of room to roam with 50 breathtaking acres.
  • It’s in the middle of nowhere: 4,300 protected wildlife acres embrace this property, so you’ll feel completely removed from the world. But it’s located just 50 miles from Manhattan, so you’re just a short drive from everything New York City has to offer.
  • The listing says 8+ bedrooms and 8+ bathrooms, so your guess is as good as ours as to how many are actually inside.
  • The interior is relatively unassuming considering it’s basically a palace – with thoughtful mid-tone woods, and white paint to brighten the inside views. 
  • But you’ll have a hard time tearing your eyes away from the views outside: nestled among mountain foothills, this property includes its own pond which you can see from almost every balcony. 
  • Over-the-top amenities include a horse stable, tennis court, separate office space, carriage house, sprawling gardens and so much more.

You really have to see this house to believe it. To browse through the listing, visit the website

Cesar Millan


Known as “The Dog Whisperer,” Cesar Millan went from dog trainer to superstar basically overnight. You might think that his style would be very over-the-top, but you’d be surprised after a peek inside his modern farmhouse that recently sold. The $4 million home is definitely a little ostentatious – but mostly it’s just classic and elegant. Here’s what you want to know about Millan’s recently sold home in Encino:

  • That Joanna Gaines style: If you’ve ever watched Fixer Upper, you know what we mean. It’s a style categorized by clean, white lines everywhere, shiplap, wall paneling, exposed beams, and – did we mention white everywhere? Millan’s house may have not been designed by the Gaines’, but we’re pretty sure Joanna would weep with joy to see it.
  • The interior decor evokes thoughts of nature, with liberal use of blues and greens throughout the furniture to pop against the white background.
  • 5,620 square feet make this house exceedingly spacious, but designed thoughtfully so you don’t feel like you’re rattling around a huge space.

All in all, it’s a simple, elegant, and only slightly over-the-top home for the dog guru. Here’s a link for more information. 

David Spade


The actor and comedian David Spade is another Hollywood royalty name that everyone recognizes. From stand-up comedy to his roles in Rules of Engagement, Joe Dirt and other cult classics, Spade has been a staple in the comedy scene since his time on SNL in the 1990’s. Recently, he put his Beverly Hills home on the market for just shy of $20 million, and here’s what you should know:

  • The house boasts 6,400 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 3 fireplaces.
  • Views from the house include breathtaking looks over the ocean and city.
  • A sunken great room at the heart of the house boasts 20-foot ceilings but a warm, inviting vibe.
  • The house has a fully updated kitchen and gray wood floors throughout.
  • With a white and gray palette, this house is the perfect soothing retreat for the millionaire with a busy schedule. 
  • Windows, galore: natural light is the name of the game in Spade’s house, and you’ll find beautiful views wherever you look.

For more information on this breathtaking home – as well as the 11,000 square foot home Spade is moving to – visit this link