Celebs Get Spooky for Date Night Out at Knotts Scary Farm

Knotts (Berry) Scary Farm has opened its gates for a month and a half of grueling sights and shrieking screams. Knotts

Knotts Scary Farm

Knotts (Berry) Scary Farm has opened its gates for a month and a half of grueling sights and shrieking screams. Knotts Scary Farm is among one of the best attractions in California especially, during the Halloween season. Celebs flock to the Park this year to enjoy some good old fashion scaring with significant others, kids and family. Among some celebrity that have been spotted have been those specific celebs that we aren’t surprised to see. Laughing and making out amid bloody axe men and nuns running amuck, we’ll bring you up to date on the celebs who could honestly be anywhere and remain in their love bubble as well as the true celeb kings and queens that rule All Hollows Eve.

The Queen’s of Halloween Themselves

Knotts Scary Farm

Known as the queen of many categories such as Coachella, Christmas movies and of course Halloween is Vanessa Hudgens. Hudgens is captured in a photo with a rather diverse group of Knotts Scary Farm actors wearing a Halloween styled sweat suite complete with a black side body bag and dark sunglasses. The star hashtags #scaryfarm after a straight  forward caption on IG “And so it begins”. The star,  who recently broke up with long-time flame Austin Butler has moved on to a different type of love in the form of MLB player Cole Tucker. Tucker was not spotted with Hudgens during her trip to Knotts but has been consistently a hot topic on her Instagram account.

Bella Thorne who has taken a break from her wild media reports and recently turned 24 years old was among the Queen of Halloween at Knotts Scary Farm as a well-known lover of jeepers and creepers. Thorne was seen enjoying a good scare along with fiancé  Benjamin Mascolo on September 19th, 2020. The pair dressed in dark long sleeves and jeans, more than Thornes’ usual go-to looks of barebacks and no pants. Two other familiar faces appeared on our radar over the past few weeks placing Tik Tok Star Dixie D”Amelio and “To All The Boys I Love” Star, Lana Condor also enjoying a fun night at Knotts

Keeping it Klassy

Knotts Scary Farm

Doubles K’s, you know what that means. The eldest Kardashian was seen locking lips yet again with Blink-182’s Travis Barker, big surprise. The pair has been recently seen making out in Paris, on a Yacht, Front steps of mansions and at the VMA Awards, man they get around. Travis Barker posts a rather epic photo of himself surrounded by many of the park’s spooky actors and appears as his un-phased self, per usual. The pair sure has made an uproar in the media leaving people still in question on their relationship status; ARE YOU MARRIED OR NOT? We wish we had the answer, but like the rest of you, lie in wait till new evidence surfaces.

Ironically sister Kim Kardashian made her debut as the host of Saturday Night Live on the 9th of October dedicating a whole skit to Travis and Kourt. The audience roared with laughter as Kim mocks the couples constant public make-out sessions, Kourtney undeniably monotone voice and their new friendship with MGK and Megan Fox.

Halloween  Festivities at Home


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Although not all our favorite stars have graced us with an epic picture of themselves next to an ax murder at Knotts Scary Farm, some stars have posted about being quite content to celebrate the season at home via IG posts. Krissy Teigen, Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel Ray and Kylie Jenner have showcased Halloween-decorated mansions, Halloween-themed dinner spreads, and cute kids costumes. Kourtneys latest IG posts feature her middle child Penelope as a goth rock star and what seems like a Fall get away to a mystical misshapen Halloween movie theater.

Kylie Jenner pushes forward with a new halloween lip kit launch as she models the Night On Elm Street Line, complete with two costumes and the stars body dripping in fake blood to promote the lipsticks. Fall festivities are alive and well at home as well other hot celeb spots for Halloween fun in Hollywood, such as Universal Studio Horror Night and all the celeb costume-themed parties that are bound to knock off our socks.