A Complete Guide To Charlie Puth’s Love Life, Current Girlfriend And Past Relationships

Happy birthday, Charlie Puth! The singer has practically stolen all of our hearts by now with his amazing voice, super-talented songwriting

Charlie Puth Singer

Happy birthday, Charlie Puth! The singer has practically stolen all of our hearts by now with his amazing voice, super-talented songwriting and handsome looks! Which is why it’s only natural that fans have been super curious about his love life. 

So is the star single or taken at the moment? And who has he dated in the past? Well guys, we decided to investigate, and it turns out, Puth has been linked to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars over the years, including Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Meghan Trainor and more! We went ahead and broke down every single one of his relationships — from his current girlfriend to his who he dated in the past, here’s a complete guide to the “One Call Away” crooner’s love life..

Charlie Puth Was Recently Linked To Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence

Rumors fist started to swirl that Puth was dating American singer Charlotte Lawrence in early 2019, when they were spotted attending a few events together. Then, on Valentine’s Day, he seemingly confirmed the relationship when he posted a snap of him hugging the 19-year-old. They kept their relationship pretty private, and it’s unclear what went wrong in the end, but by September 2019, they must have broken up. How do we know? Well, Puth tweeted that he was single.

Before That, He Dated Halston Sage

In 2018, Puth and Halston Sage were total couple goals. They never publicly spoke about the relationship, but they shared a few adorable pictures together online and were spotted hanging out on numerous occasions. They must have fizzled out a few weeks later, however, because they deleted all their pictures together online.

He Was Rumored To Be In A Relationship With Danielle Campbell In 2017

Danielle Campbell

Fans quickly went into a frenzy when Puth revealed he was dating someone in 2017 during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I’m actually not single right now. I’m in a relationship,” he said. “[But] I’m kind of done with dating people in the public.”

And when the musician shared a snap of him FaceTiming Originals actress Danielle Campbell a few days later, everyone started to wonder if she was his mystery girl! They must have broken up a few months later, however, since she started dating One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson!

Something Went On Between Him And Selena Gomez

After teaming up for their song “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” Puth and Gomez had a brief fling. The pop star later opened up about it to Billboard while discussing his song “Attention” (which is about Gomez!), and he explained that despite it being short-lived, their romance had a huge impact on him.

“[‘Attention’ is] about a particular moment in my life, when someone very close to me wanted the attention of somebody else. When I found that out and we ended it, I might have done some shady things too, and she might have asked me, ‘How long has this been going on?’” he said. “I don’t kiss and tell, but the only way a song like that can come across as real is if there’s something else going on behind the scenes. And that’s what was happening [with Gomez]. Very short-lived, very small, but very impactful. And it really messed me up. I’m trying to put this the best way possible: It wasn’t like I was the only person on her mind. And I think I knew that going in — what I was getting myself into.”

He And Meghan Trainor Shared In A Big Ol’ Smooch

Meghan Trainor

While performing their hit song “Marvin Gaye” at the 2015 American Music Awards, fans were left seriously shook when the two stars suddenly started kissing! But it turns out, they never actually dated, and it was all for show.

“I’m a very aggressive maker-outer. But Meghan is my friend, and I don’t know, like, my natural boy instincts kinda just like kicked in…I was like all nervous before, like how am I going to make this look real, because I’m not attracted to her in that way. She’s my friend…It was mostly lip action, but I didn’t want to get too crazy,” Puther later explained on the JohnJay & Rich Show.

Charlie Puth Secretly Dated Lea Michele

Ready to have your mind blown, people?! We never knew about it when it was happening, but it turns out, Puth secretly dated Glee star Lea Michele. When he appeared on the Capital Breakfast Show With Roman Kemp a few years later and was asked, “Which celebrity have you been on dates with that we don’t know about?” the pop star replied, “Lea Michele. Done.” Wow, who knew?!

He And Bella Thorne Couldn’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other In 2016

Puth and Thorne were first spotted kissing in Miami in December 2016. Then, a few weeks later, they confirmed their relationship when they walked the Jingle Ball red carpet together. But things got super messy when the former Disney actress’ ex Tyler Posey did an interview, and he claimed to be her boyfriend. After that, Puth accused her of cheating on him via Twitter, but she denied the entire thing.

“Basically, Ty and I stopped dating and Charlie had been tweeting about me for a while. He was trying to reach out to me. I had hung out with him twice. We went to the movies. He was cool. I was like, ‘You’re really talented. Holy s**t. You’re f**king great, dude.’ And then he invited me to Jingle Ball to watch him perform, and I had never done that before. So I was like this is cool, I get to watch behind the stage, especially because I was thinking of maybe going back into singing. So I thought this was a cool experience and then everything just got way blown out of proportion,” she said on The Jenny McCarthy Show. “And Charlie saw an old news article and he didn’t look at the date. And the date is old and it’s about me and Ty. So he didn’t even text me though or talk to me about it. I just woke up and my bestie Alexa called me and was like ‘Yo, Charlie’s crazy, like those tweets. Bella go on Twitter right now.’ I go on and I’m like ‘Oh my goodness,’ and then I felt super bad because he really thinks I was still with Ty. So I kept calling him, he wouldn’t answer my calls. Then he just starts texting me I was like, ‘Yo, that’s, like, straight up a lie. Like, why’d you tweet that?’ and Ty calls me like ‘What’s all this about?’ He should have just called me.”