Making the Brand with Chervin Jafarieh, Part 2: Through the Death Portal


Oct. 29 2021, Updated 1:57 p.m. ET

Wellness, peace, environmental consciousness: These are three core tenets which Chervin Jafarieh embraces. The founder of Cymbiotika and wellness industry superstar walked a long path to get to where he is now. CELEB sat down with Jafarieh to ask about his life, and what his path looked like. From roots in Iran and a childhood spent frolicking among the waves, Jafarieh shares what made him who he is. Last week, CELEB took you through the journey of Jafarieh’s early life. This week, we take you through the death portal and the moment when this wellness specialist’s entire life changed; and what came next.

If you missed the first part, check it out here: Part 1: The Journey.

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Through the Death Portal


After crushing it in the real estate industry with Black Diamond, Jafarieh experienced a sudden change. At 32, Jafarieh went through a near-death experience with psychedelics. “I had a near death experience. I took the strongest entheogenic compound in the world called [5-MEO-DMT]. I have the molecule’s atomic structure tattooed on my side now. It was absolutely wild. Obliterated everything. It’s a 15 minute process, which seemed like an eternity going through it. At the time, I was really into body building. I was 220lbs, big and strong. Lots of muscle. I wanted to be the baddest, the best looking, smartest; I wanted no one to mess with me. There was an angry energy in me. My entire life changed.”

Jafarieh stepped away from life for a while to gather himself after traveling into the death portal, and came back with a new lease on life.

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Black Becomes Green

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After the intense trip, Jafarieh spent some time in the islands. When he came back, he changed the name of Black Diamond to Green Diamond. Black Diamond came from skiing; Jafarieh feels like when you decide to take on a black diamond slope, you have to have guts. So it was an homage to that courage. But when he returned with a new vision for life, Jafarieh was seeing green.

“I got connected back to our Mother’s spirit. I turned 12 years young immediately. Everything I had been mentored and taught in terms of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, ecology – all of that stuff just exploded in my essence. I realized that’s all I wanted to do. I couldn’t end Black Diamond after all we’d built, so I shifted it to Green Diamond.”

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Once re-launching as Green Diamond, Jafarieh focused on only financing sustainable projects. “Two months later, I wrote a manifesto and sent it out to every bank, lending institution and private equity group talking about how we’re destroying our environment through the built environment. I said we’ve got to plan better, and finance these builders based on giving opportunities to build more carbon neutral projects. Beyond LEED Platinum. I linked with the group that created that, and Paul Hawken mentored me for awhile. Paul is a very famous environmentalist.”

Through Pain to Wellness

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In 2014, Jafarieh’s father dealt with and beat colorectal cancer. By 2015 and 2016, he was focusing on his health and wellness, spending up to 10 hours a day researching, learning, meditating and frequently participating in ayahuasca ceremonies. “In 2016, I went to Peru and basically never came back. I got invited by the Shipibo tribe to go through their initiation, in this crazy heroic shamanic transformation. It’s something called Samadhi, which is the practice of dying before dying. I went to nine-point death meditations, and I was in another world. I came back, looked at my partner, and said I can’t do this anymore. So she took over Green Diamond.”

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“At that point, I left and moved to San Diego. But then my dad got sick again, his cancer came back very aggressively. My dad is my life at this point. My parents had divorced when I was a senior in high school and I didn’t have a relationship with my mom throughout my 20’s, although I do now. So part of why I walked away from the company was a desire to move to Oregon with my dad and just grow cannabis and take care of him.”

Two months after his father told him that the cancer had moved to his lungs, Jafarieh went to a festival called Symbiosis to experience the Great American Eclipse in 2017. He got sick while there, but rallied before the week-long festival wrapped up. Then, on a journey into the woods with friends to experience the eclipse, Jafarieh’s back went out and he spent the next several months in massive amounts of pain. “I’m living in hell physically and emotionally. I’ve never gone through something like this, I was the face of health. And it just destroyed me. After the eclipse, my dad and I were supposed to go to Oregon but then I got bit by a rattlesnake.”

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Onward and Upward


It’s hard to imagine dealing with all of that in just a few months’ time, but Jafarieh is a warrior. Throughout all the struggles that life threw at him, he set his eyes on a new vision for life and how to help the world. With wellness and a new plan in hand, Jafarieh set out to bring his vision to life.

Next Friday we’ll explore how Jafarieh created a wellness brand out of the ashes of the struggles that turned to triumph.

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