Chris Randone Says Divorce with Krystal Nielson Doesn’t Feel Real

Divorce is one of life’s most difficult transitions. One of the hardest aspects is when the person you thought was

Chris Randone and Krystal Neilson

Divorce is one of life’s most difficult transitions. One of the hardest aspects is when the person you thought was in love turns around and stops caring about your feelings and needs. Chris Randone says this is exactly what’s happened with Krystal Nielson as they go through the painful process of divorce.

Bachelorette and Bachelor contestants find love, but not on their first try

Randone fought forBecca Kufrin’s heart on season 14 of the Bachelorette. He was sent home empty-handed, but that left him wide open to later meet Nielson. Nielson was a contestant on season 22 of the Bachelor and earned a bit of a reputation in her battle for Arie Luyendyk’s heart. Nielson was combative with the other women, and often elbowed her way between Luyendyk and his dates, vying for attention.

Bachelor in Paradise gets steamy, and dramatic

Heading into their mutual season of Bachelor in Paradise, both Randone and Nielson brought reputation baggage with them. It didn’t exactly get better on the beach. Randone angered fans when he lied to and gaslit contestant Tia Booth, then left Nielson herself in tears over an exchange. Nielson went on several heavy dates with other contestants, but ultimately the pair was drawn to each other.

From rocky beginning to rock-solid love for Randone and Neilson

Once they settled on who they were and were not dating, things moved quickly for sales trainer Randone and Nielson. They said, “I love you,” by episode 9. In the season finale, Randone proposed to Nielson. In October of 2018, a month after the BIP finale aired, Randone moved in with the fitness instructor. In June of 2019, the pair married on the beach where they met, with host Chris Harrison as the officiator.

Chris Randone and Krystal Neilson

Things fell apart in 2020

However, by February of 2020, things had gone south. The pair separated that month, and 6 months later they filed for divorce. Randone held out hope for reconciliation, and was taken by surprise when Nielson decided to call it quits for good. The sales trainer told Us Weekly, “I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t think that it would be the end. The separation would allow us to focus on ourselves and continue to grow and get better, which it definitely happened for me and I’m truly thankful, but I do realize that sometimes all good things come to an end, right?”

He went on to add, “In life we have different chapters and different layers that help us move forward and building blocks in life. I feel like this marriage and this separation, and then now, you know, the divorce, I think it’s just a building block for the both of us, and a ladder to where we’re allowed to really take that experience, grow from it and take ourselves to the next level. And hopefully, you know, continue to just show love and compassion.”

Chris Randone and ex Krystal Neilson

While Nielson moved on, Randone is left bereft

Nielson seemed to have a different goal in mind though, and used the separation as an opportunity to build her life again away from Randone.  Randone confirmed to Us that Nielson had moved on.

Nielson has moved on, Randone hopes to

Randone recently spoke about his hope to move on as well, telling Us, “I mean, as a man, [I] definitely want to get back out there. You know you want to feel masculine, you want to just feel some sort of physical touch. I definitely want to see what’s out there as far as just talking and connections and stuff like that. I’ve been definitely doing my due diligence on a few people that, you know, just catch my eye out there. So just gradually kind of getting my feet wet.”

Nielson left Randone feeling a little abandoned

On the subject of the divorce? Randone feels bereft. On fellow Bachelorette alum Blake Horstmanns Behind the Rose podcast, Randone opened up about his feelings of abandonment in the time since he and Nielson split. He told Horstmann, “We don’t talk at all. I’m gonna keep it real — this is nothing against her, but even throughout this entire time, like, she never called me once to see how I’ve been doing, how I’m feeling. I know she’s moved on. I know she has — I’ve gotten confirmation on that multiple times and I understand that’s what she’s doing. I can’t force anyone or change any outcome.”

Chris Randone

Randone added, “Like, if a person cares about you, they’ll let it be known or if they want to talk to you, they’ll find time to talk to you. And it hasn’t been like that and I don’t think we might ever exchange a word again. It’s almost as if the relationship never existed. It’s so crazy to say that. It’s something where … the wedding doesn’t seem like it happened, my memories with my family don’t seem like they happened, it’s just wild, because it just doesn’t seem like it was even real.”

Time to move on, together apart

The aftermath of divorce can feel like starting a whole new life. In a way, it is. Randone and Nielson will have to come to terms with the past they shared together and find a way to start a new future. Nielson seems ready to cut Randone out, but that doesn’t always work as well as people hope. With any luck, the pair can find a way to reconcile and move forward together, apart.

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