Chrisley Family’s New Reality Show to Feature Parents’ Involvement Despite Prison

The Chrisley family is set to embark on a new reality series, and even a federal correctional facility won’t keep


The Chrisley family is set to embark on a new reality series, and even a federal correctional facility won’t keep them from participating. Todd and Julie Chrisley, currently serving time for tax evasion and fraud, are planning to be involved in the upcoming show that follows their children’s lives in their absence.

The show, which will focus on Savannah, Chase Chrisley, and Chloe’s experiences while their parents are in prison, will also include appearances by Nanny Faye. The family’s attorney, Jay Surgent, confirmed that Todd and Julie are “looking forward to it” and intend to contribute in a natural and unscripted manner.

Surgent explained that while Todd and Julie won’t be active participants in filming due to prison regulations, their voices will be heard through their children. Their concerns, situation, and perspectives will be conveyed by their family members during the unscripted docuseries. The Chrisley parents’ involvement will also extend through their visitation with family.

Despite certain legal restrictions due to pending appeals and ongoing legal proceedings, the Chrisleys will be able to express their general opinions and hopes about their case. They’ll be cautious not to prejudice their appeal while providing insights into their disappointment with the district court’s verdict and their aspirations for the future.

The new reality show is being produced by Scout Productions, known for their success with “Queer Eye” on Netflix. The series will not only offer a deeper look into the Chrisley family dynamics but also cover personal dramas such as Chase’s split with ex-fiancé Emmy Medders and Savannah’s commitment to therapy for herself, her brother Grayson, and niece Chloe.

Savannah expressed excitement about sharing their story and partnering with Scout Productions, while the Chief Creative Officer of Scout Productions, Rob Eric, praised the Chrisley family’s return to TV, describing them as “reality royalty” who are ready to bring their unique heart and authenticity to their fans.

Despite their parents’ absence, the Chrisley family is ready to embark on this new chapter and provide fans with an intimate glimpse into their lives, showcasing their resilience and bond.