Christian Dior Invites You To Brooklyn To Cherish Their Story

To celebrate the French fashion House of Dior the Brooklyn Museum is showcasing more than 200 pieces in an exhibition

Christian Dior

To celebrate the French fashion House of Dior the Brooklyn Museum is showcasing more than 200 pieces in an exhibition called “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams.” This experience gives guests a visit into the world of Dior and the stories within it. In 1947 Dior embarked aboard the Queen Elizabeth for New York, crossing the Atlantic for the first time. His autobiography explains his love at first sight experience: “Carried away by my enthusiasm, I completely forgot the ancient continent of my birth… My two days in New York were spent in a state of continuous wonder.”

The retrospective journey through “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” follows a pack of designers and their creations from 1945- 1957. Pietro Beccari, chariman and CEO of Christian Dior expressed to Vogue, “The brand was founded on creating a fantasy, creating a dream. Christian wanted to make women feel beautiful again. The exhibition too is a message of the rebirth of New York and fashion. And we are very proud of this.”

“More Than 70 Years of Virtuoso Passion”

Christian Dior

Upon entering the exhibit, guests will time travel from Paris to New York while interacting with some of Dior’s most exceptional pieces. Another space is in the exhibit is dedicated to American masters of photography- Richard AvedonHorst. P. HorstHenry Clarke, William KleinAnnie LeibovitzDavid Lachapelle, Irving Penn, Lillian Bassman, Francis McLaughlin-Gil and Herb Ritts who have captured the founding couturier’s work so wonderfully. And the journey continues with creations of the House’s Artistic Directors who carried out the label. The Dior website shares:

  • Yves Saint Laurent, who key influences included the beatniks and The Wild One 
  • Marc Bohan, who was fascinated by Jackson Pollock
  •  Gianfranco Ferre, some who looks echo the museum’s architecture
  • John Galliano and his dazzling extravagances, accentuated by sumptuous Egyptian antiques or a portrait by Giovanni Boldini
  • Raf Simons, a fervent collector of Sterling Ruby
  • Maria Grazia Chiuri, who’s dialogue with several American artists such as the feminist Judy Chicago

Pietro Beccari said, “Tradition must be stretched, teased, and evolved to stay relevant. Each one of these designers took Mr. Dior’s heritage and found a way to keep the brand relevant during the era in which they lived.”

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Christian Dior

Inside the museum features haute couture garments, photos, videos, sketches, accessories and more- some being displayed publicly for the first time. From September 11th, 2021 through February 20th, 2022, guests will have the opportunity to see the House’s array of inspiration from Versailles to the splendor of flowers.

The Dior website explains “the Colorama, a magical cabinet of curiosities brimming with chromatic nuances, reveals the essential role of Dior accessories, from makeup to perfumes, including hats by Stephen Jones.” Continuing on the journey through time, guests will endure a tribute to the Ateliers, an enchanted garden with a sky constellated by stars – “an echo of Christian Dior’s lucky star”, and views of dresses that have been worn by the most glamorous actresses.

“The American dream meets the Dior dream, from art to fashion,” writes the website.