New Circle Network Series ‘Gibson: The Scene’ Dives Into Music History

Today, Circle Network – the world’s premiere destination for all things country – debuts today a brand new series titled


Today, Circle Network – the world’s premiere destination for all things country – debuts today a brand new series titled Gibson: The Scene. This new show is a collaboration with Gibson TV, which tells the story of music history from some of the world’s best storytellers. Gibson: The Scene will take viewers on an in-depth journey into some of the most important music venues and landmarks, with host Mark Agnesi

Gibson: The Scene


Gibson: The Series launches today, August 19th, at 10 PM EST. Throughout the series, Agnesi travels to some of music’s most important hot spots and landmarks, sharing their history and importance with viewers. Locations visited on the show include Station Inn, Carter Vintage Guitars, The Grand Ole Opry House, The Troubadour, RCA Studio A, Capitol Records Studios, Third Man Records, Amoeba Music, and the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. 

Agnesi will also take viewers on a tour of Gibson’s Nashville-based factory, Gibson USA, and the brand new Gibson Garage in Nashville, TN. Garage gives fans the ultimate guitar experience, in the heart of country’s soul. 

A press release for the new show shares Agnesi’s thoughts on the new journey; “It’s an absolute honor and dream to take people through some of the most hallowed halls country music has to offer. The first season of Gibson: The Scene takes us through iconic spaces, hidden gems, and everything in between. I can’t wait for our fans to hear about some of the incredible moments that have happened in these settings and add them to their list of places to visit as the entertainment world continues to get back to performing.” 

Viewers won’t just visit these important landmarks with Agnesi, they’ll get behind-the-scene looks at what makes them special. 

Gibson TV and Mark

The Scene joins Gibson TV in helping to preserve and share the history of music in the US and the special people and places who made the industry what it is today. Agnesi has a lifetime of music love and experience, and together with Todd Harapiak created the brilliant historical catalogue that is Gibson TV. The Scene’s press release tells Agnesi’s story in brief; “Mark Agnesi was born in Wadsworth, OH in 1982. He began playing guitar at the age of 6 and was in the studio making records by the age of 11. After playing the blues circuit throughout his high school years, he moved to Nashville, TN at age 18 to study Music Business at Belmont University. After graduating in 2005, Mark moved to Los Angeles and began working as a professional touring and session guitarist. While on tour, Mark would buy and sell guitars to help pay the bills. This love of buying and selling landed him the job of General Manager of Norman’s Rare Guitars. In 2019,Mark joined Gibson Brands, as the company’s first Director of Brand Experience. Since joining Gibson, Mark along with co-producer Todd Harapiak launched Gibson TV.”

But what exactly is Gibson TV? It’s an award-winning online network with original series all focused on, “guitars, music, and culture.” Gibson TV boasts interviews with some of the world’s most influential music makers and shakers, original content, and in-depth and face-to-face looks at some of the world’s best music venues and guitar collections. The network tells the story of singers, songwriters, and how music is made. In short, Gibson TV is a music-lover’s fantasy, designed from the point of view of the Gibson brand. 

Gibson: The Brand


Speaking of the Gibson brand, it’s been around for almost 130 years now. With one of the most recognizable names in music and instruments, Gibson was created 1894 right in the heart of Nashville. Gibson products are on the more affordable end of the spectrum, but made with peerless quality and all the weight of the Gibson brand behind the name. Gibson is probably best known for its guitars, but includes a number of brands including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger, MESA/Boogie, and the Gibson Pro Audio division, KRK Systems. 

Gibson has evolved over the years to stay ahead of the instrument and music game, bringing its peers along with it rather than chasing trends. This branching out into Gibson TV and The Scene is a genius move, intertwining the physical brand with a love of music and history. Gibson: The Scene is going to be a fascinating watch for anyone who has even a passing interest in music and music history, and the places that shaped our society through music. The first season starts today at 10PM on Circle Network, and runs for 10 episodes.