Bring Your Endzone Dance to Tailgate Social for Special Football Menu

Football season is in high gear in Las Vegas, and the Raiders are enjoying their newly open-to-the-public home at Allegiant

Tailgate Social

Football season is in high gear in Las Vegas, and the Raiders are enjoying their newly open-to-the-public home at Allegiant Stadium. All of Las Vegas is celebrating the advent of football season with parties, events, and specials. Clique Hospitality is getting in on the action with their premier dining location, Tailgate Social. Tailgate is offering a specially curated football season menu for fans to enjoy some hometown favorites.

Clique Hospitality Brings the Flavor

Tailgate Social

A self-described “man cave,” Clique Hospitality’s Tailgate Social is the perfect place to get it on the flavor and fun of football season from the comfort of an air conditioned bar. With 30 high-definition TVs from which to watch the action, a specially tailored football season menu, friendly atmosphere, craft cocktails and an oversized beer menu, Tailgate Social is kicking it off big this year. 

One menu item worth making a special stop for all season is the LV Nation Burger. The burger offers a proprietary blend of prime ribbed beef topped with onion rings, horseradish aioli, provolone cheese, and fried jalapenos; every game-day fan’s dream come true. The other select menu items will be rolled out with a number of upcoming events, each item given its own special celebration. 

Events upcoming include:

  • September 26th: Cuban Sandwiches with House Garlic Pickles to celebrate the Raiders hosting the Miami Dolphins.
  • Season Week 5: To celebrate the Chicago Bears’ hometown faves, Tailgate is offering a classic Chicago Dog served on a steamed poppy-seed bun and an all-beef frankfurter.
  • October 24th: The Philadelphia Eagles at Allegiant bring Cheesesteak Sandwiches with thinly sliced beef topped with melted cheese in a long hoagie roll. 
  • November 14th: KC Chiefs inspire KC-themed Barbecue Pulled Pork Loaded Fries. 
  • Season Week 10: Cincinnati Bengals can kick it with their hometown favorite, an inspired classic chili dish.
  • December 5th: Washington breezes into town for Maryland-styled Fish & Chips. 
  • December 26th: Denver Bronco fans will love, “mile-high city eats with Colorado Lamb Lollipops with roasted tomato arugula salad accompanied by a mint jam and peppercorn aioli for dipping.”
  • January 9th: For the last home game of the season, the Raiders host the Los Angeles and Tailgate celebrates with LA street eats Carne Asada Tacos.

Tailgate Social

Tailgate Social

Las Vegas is one of the party capitals of the world, and tailgate parties are no exception. The atmosphere of the city in the desert is the perfect backdrop for fans to let loose and get wild watching their favorite teams hit the gridiron. Tailgate Social has taken that atmosphere, refined and perfected it.

The Tailgate Social website shares, “The game has officially changed. Tailgate Social inside Palace Station is Las Vegas’ most complete sports bar, featuring a value-friendly menu of mouthwatering eats, an oversized beer list with hard-to-find brews and domestic favorites, and more than 30 high definition TVs for an unrivaled viewing experience. A sports and suds haven designed with Las Vegas locals in mind, there’s no better place to casually and comfortably Knight Up or show off your Silver-and-Black pride. While Tailgate Social’s full service bar pumps out perfectly crafted drinks and thirst-quenching beers, the kitchen — playfully located behind a bus facade — cooks up MVP-worthy American comfort food, such as prime hanger steak, authentic tacos and melt-in-your-mouth pizzas. With live music and the undisputed best happy hour in town, Tailgate Social is the ultimate man cave and Las Vegas’ most fun sports destination.” 

With a fun approach to the football season menu and the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel both right at home and transported to a theme park, Tailgate may be the best place in the country from which to watch football. With a huge beer selection and menu items that run the gamut from vegan to nearly all-meat, fans of football and any sport will find themselves plugged into Tailgate’s unique vibe. 

Raiders Come Home to Roost 

Tailgate Social

Of course, part of what makes Vegas such a premiere spot from which to celebrate football is their beloved home team, the Raiders. The Raiders had a brand new stadium built – Allegiant – but the pandemic forced them to close it to the public and they played a heartbreaking first season on their new home turf closed away from their fans. The 65,000-person stadium opened July 2020.

So 2021 is a chance for them to start over, fresh and new, with fans in the stadium. And restaurants, bars, and other nightlife hotspots are connecting to the electric joy of the Raiders’ new home and the people of Las Vegas’s newest entertainment venue. With Tailgate Social and others offering an alternative way to watch the game, there’s no excuse to miss your favorite team’s games this year. Head to Allegiant or head to Tailgate; the game is on.