Conservative Think Tank Tries to Get Hands on Prince Harry’s US Visa Application over Past Drug Use

Prince Harry’s visa application to the United States may soon be in the hands of conservative think tank group, The

Prince Harry
Photo by: KGC/ STAR MAX ©2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Telephone/Fax: (212) 995-1196 6/7/23 Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex leaves the Rolls Building at the Royal Courts of Justice on June 7th 2023 in London, UK after giving evidence in the Mirror Group phone hacking trial. Prince Harry is one of several claimants in a lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers related to allegations of unlawful information gathering in previous decades.

Prince Harry’s visa application to the United States may soon be in the hands of conservative think tank group, The Heritage Foundation.

A US judge is currently weighing an appeal from The Heritage Foundation as part of their effort to get their hands on Harry’s visa application.

The Foundation has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to make the details of Harry’s application public, citing public interest and oversight.

They claim that the US may have overlooked things on Harry’s application that should have made him ineligible to enter the US – like the Prince’s admitted past drug use.

NY Daily News reports, “The conservative think tank argued in its original lawsuit that it wanted to see if the Department of Homeland Security gave the prince preferential treatment in vetting him when he and wife Meghan Markle, who is an American citizen, moved to the U.S. It added that the application was of ‘immense public interest.’

The application typically asks about substance abuse, but people can receive waivers, such as if there could be significant economic or cultural impact.”

Customs & Border Patrol has denied the group’s request to release the application, saying that they need Harry’s consent to do so.

When Harry applied, he was with wife Meghan Markle – who is a US citizen – and reportedly “desperate” to get out of Canada and escape the non-stop onslaught of media attention that followed the couple’s departure from royal duties in 2020.

Constant media circuses have followed the pair wherever they go, despite the fact that that’s exactly the opposite of what they hoped for when they engaged in the now-infamous “Megxit.”

Since then, friction has increased between Harry and his London royal family.

Harry has tried to shine a light on what he considers corruption among the British press, and an insidious agreement with the royal Institution.

Unrelated to the Heritage Foundation’s request for his visa, Harry is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against British tabloid company Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN).

Harry alleges that they illegally hacked his cell phone, and used private information to make sensational headlines that caused the Prince personal grief over the years.

Prince William and King Charles tried to warn Harry away from the lawsuit, and William accepted a settlement for a similar claim against the tabloid.

But Harry, determined to make a point and fight what he sees as a righteous cause, pressed forward with the lawsuit.

Harry published a memoir earlier this year, titled, “Spare,” and it kicked the tensions between the two royal families into high gear.

In the memoir, Harry talks about his past drug use – including using cocaine and marijuana. He also talked about taking psychedelic mushrooms at Courtney Cox’s house in California in 2016.

Drug use would often be disqualifying for someone to enter the US, but there can be extenuating circumstances that would allow them to overlook past behavior.

Such as being hounded mercilessly by international press and needing to seek asylum in the country of his wife’s citizenship, perhaps.