Core Spaces Real Estate Creates Partnership With DJ White Shadow

When you think of real estate, EDM music isn’t generally the first association that pops to mind. But Core Spaces,

DJ White Shadow

When you think of real estate, EDM music isn’t generally the first association that pops to mind. But Core Spaces, an award-winning real estate company on the cutting edge of the industry, is partnering with Grammy-award winning DJ White Shadow for a unique new approach. DJ White Shadow, whose real name is Paul Blair, is bringing his singular talent to play and creating a specially-curated, one-of-a-kind experience to Core Spaces customers.

Core Spaces + DJ White Shadow

DJ White Shadow

The new collaboration crosses all of Core Spaces national brands, including Hub on Campus, oLiv, State on Campus, and Heritage Collection properties nationwide. Blair crafted playlists for Core Spaces residents to access at home, and while out and about. All of the playlists will be accessed through the company’s Lifestyle resident mobile app. The Core team describes the exciting way they’re integrating Blair’s talent with their top-of-the-class programming; “Core’s hospitality-driven programming, and his playlists will be activating many of the amenity areas within each property. In addition, Core Spaces and DJ White Shadow plan to focus on resident events and exclusive content centered around personal development and creativity.”

In a statement, Marc Lifshin, Founder and CEO of Core Spaces, had this to say about the exciting team-up: “We’re excited about our new partnership with Paul. Music has a powerful influence on emotional well-being, including improving mood, decreasing anxiety, and managing stress. This partnership further illustrates our philosophy of creating the best possible resident experiences.”

And Blair adds, “I, like most creatives, had a difficult journey coming into my own and because of that, I am always looking for ways to give back. I am excited to share my experiences and insight, and how to create a balanced life with those that are just beginning, or curious how to begin a career in music or the arts.”

It’s the kind of collaboration that makes residents feel like they’re being cared for and thought of, and it sets Core Spaces head and shoulders above their industry peers.

Core Spaces Real Estate

But what makes Core Spaces so special to begin with? They’re an innovative and community-focused company, and among their purposes is fostering long-term relationships with worthy causes like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and CHRISCROSS Foundation. They consider themselves more than a real estate company; they’re a community-based connection that focuses on wellness, community, and people. 

In a statement, the company describes itself; “Core Spaces is a vertically integrated company focused on acquiring, developing, and managing residential properties that create a better life for everyone under our roof. From world-class amenities and progressive design to client service with a hospitality-driven approach, Core Spaces provides living spaces and services that create a better daily life for its residents. Its projects are thoughtfully designed, customized, developed, and managed to create extraordinary lifestyle experiences that are as unique as their respective cities. Since its founding in 2010, Core has consistently delivered award-winning developments in top markets across the country. It currently owns and/or manages 37 properties nationwide – totaling over 16,000 units and beds – and has a pipeline of over 33,000 units and beds in various stages of development and acquisition.” 

DJ White Shadow

Lady Gaga

And DJ White Shadow is the DJ you’ve definitely heard before but probably didn’t realize. In his impressive portfolio is included collaborations with mega stars like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Common, Rachel Platten, Julia Michaels and Pitbull

In a 2011 interview with Hour Detroit, Blair recalls how different his life was before receiving a voicemail from Lady Gaga in 2010; “Blair was not born this way — at all. ‘Before moving to Warren in fifth grade, I grew up on a farm in Ohio,’ he says. ‘I had to collect eggs before school and stuff. I have no idea how I got into rap.’ Like that other famous white hip-hop artist from Warren, though, Blair got the bug early and bad. His first job, at 14, was at a Little Caesars, where he and his friends took what can kindly be described as an unorthodox approach to running the restaurant. ‘It was on one of the mile roads; I can’t remember which one,’ he says. ‘We used to listen to the Electrifying Mojo and pour pizza oil on the floor and have dance-offs.’ At the urging of his workaholic father, he got a second gig at a car wash, for the sole reason that it was near a Record Time shop. There, he spent most of his paycheck amassing what would come to be a collection of 15,000 records. ‘And I bought this set of crappy Linear Tech turntables,’ he says. ‘I swear, someday I’m going to find one of those tapes I made in my mom’s basement and freak. I’m sure they’re awful.’”

Blair worked as a DJ through college, cutting records with respected techno labels in the US and Europe, and eventually got the attention of Stefani Germanotta – Lady Gaga. Blair recalls in that interview what it felt like to get the voicemail; “‘I still have that voicemail on my cell,’ says Blair, 35. ‘It said, ‘Hey Paul, this is Lady Gaga, I want to talk to you about some music.’ I thought someone was pulling my leg.’”

Blair’s career has been nothing but up since then. But tricky problems require creative solutions, and with the pandemic slowing many live performances to a crawl, what’s a DJ to do? Think outside the box, and Core Space is exactly the partner to do that with. The team-up between Core Spaces and Blair provides residents with the kind of individualized, thoughtful service that today’s customers expect. No one wants boxed and boring anymore, and opening your Lifestyle app to the sounds of DJ White Shadow? Perfection.