Alongside the Aegean Sea, Cosme Paros is the New Place to Be

The Aegean Sea. Throughout human history, it has inspired poems and epics, carried men to war, and claimed sailors. There

Alongside the Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea. Throughout human history, it has inspired poems and epics, carried men to war, and claimed sailors.

There is something timeless about the Aegean, something that recalls both the breadth of human history and the promise of humanity's future. It's an often-overlooked vacation destination that you should move to the top of your list asap.

And if you're going to explore the Aegean, you need a place to stay; enter: Cosme a Luxury Resort, Paros. Cosme is the Marriott Luxury Collection's newest member, and it's the perfect place to get in touch with the you who needs to get away from it all.

Choosing a Room at Cosme

Cosme opened its doors earlier this month, and offers guests a charming coastal experience with signature whitewashed architecture, pebbled walkways and a view of the crystalline waters beyond. Cosme was developed by Kanava Hotels & Resorts, embracing hoteliers Antonis Eliopoulos’ and Kalia Konstantinidou vision and ethos for understated luxury "while elevating authentic, Greek hospitality."

The resort offers 40 suites for guests to choose from, each embracing Mediterrannean and Cycladic lines, with details throughout embracing the spirit of Paros and the soul of the local town Naoussa. The Cosme team shares in a statement, "All buildings are clean-lined and made with local stone showcasing harmonious architectural compositions inspired by the island’s bright fishing villages and indigenous houses. Even the hotel’s half-moon pool is an ode to the destination, reflecting the shape of the bay in which Cosme stands. Designed as a natural extension of Naoussa, meandering pathways throughout the property create an intimate village-style feel, reminiscent of the town itself, encouraging guests to revel in chance encounters and serendipitous moments of discovery."

Rooms include custom-made furniture by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, with color palettes that include deep burgundy reds, soft neutrals and the bold blue that is known the world over to symbolize Greece.

Select suites come with private pools, and the expansive Cosmos Suite is the most luxurious accommodation on the island. Each room is designed to lull guests into a sense of serenity and peace with the waves crashing on Cosme's private beach just below the property.

Amenities for Days

With an open-air feel and winding paths to evoke a sense of nature and peace, Cosme is the perfect place to explore the Greek island of Paros.

On property, guests can enjoy dining at the open-air destination which combines local flavors and world-class ingenuity.

A state-of-the-art fitness center and half-moon pool provide options for cavorting either in pursuit of health – or pursuit of the perfect cocktail.

The hotel website beckons guests to explore their dream vacation, writing, "At Cosme, whether you choose your journey or let your journey choose itself, our welcoming team is here to send you on your path. Revel in the spirit of the beach, step into town to shop, relax at the sweeping spa, or meet friends for dinner at the restaurant by celebrated Greek chef Yiannis Kioroglou."

The Jewel That is Paros

At the heart of Paros, Cosme is not just Marriott's newest family member – it's a sign of what vacations of the future will look like.

People these days demand more of their leisure time, with more customized experiences in more unique destinations.

The island of Paros provides exactly that. Known the world over for its pristine beaches and vistas, Paros is home to historic Byzantine structures and an idyllic way of life that combines Greek hospitality and leisure with Mediterrannean forward thinking cuisine and experiences.

Whether you're looking for a place off the beaten path and charmingly boutique or something that sings the soul of Greek islands and embraces leisure as a way of life, Paros has what you need.

And to enjoy the full range, Cosme is the place to stay. For more information or to plan and book your stay, visit the website.