Counting On’s Jinger Duggar’s New Look Raises Eyebrows Among Fans

Fans of Counting On's Jinger Duggar are engaged in a worried debate online after new pics have set off alarm

Counting On's Jinger Duggar's New Look Raises Eyebrows Among Fans

Fans of Counting On's Jinger Duggar are engaged in a worried debate online after new pics have set off alarm bells for some. The reality star recently shared images of herself out and about enjoying modern life, and her weight has some fans concerned. The 28-year-old reality star looks happy – but has she fallen back into the eating disorder she struggled with in the past? Some fans think she has, and they hope those close to her are paying attention.

New Pics Spark Debate

Fans are a little worried about Duggar these days after she shared some pics on her Instagram. In the past, the star has admitted that she has struggled with an eating disorder and engaged in "extreme dieting."

The Sun reports, "The star once told Us Weekly about her body issues and said: 'For me, the wrestling was with my weight and my body image, even though I was very in shape and I didn’t need to lose weight.'

'I felt like I needed to; as a 14-year-old girl, I was really wrestling with that.'

'I think in this culture around us, there is so much talk about what true beauty is and what we’re defined by — if it’s by how we look, how we were raised or how popular we are, whatever those things may be.'"

That's why fans are extra concerned now as new pictures show Duggar looking exceptionally slender. Celebuzz shares, "Jinger shared a shot of her wearing an orange dress, and fans were worried she was looking a bit too thin.

'She looks so frail and pale compared to some pictures from this time last year,' one fan remarked on Reddit. 'I know having two young children and a childish husband will drain you, but I hope this poor girl is getting a break somewhere.'

'She looks scary thin too. I am officially concerned her eating disorder is back,' another added.

'Oh my god. I hope she’s ok. I can’t even snark on this, she looks like she’s wasting away,' a third wrote."

Others mentioned that Duggar has been under stress lately, with her brother Josh Duggar's trial and the family dealing with the public fall-out. Trauma can often spark relapse into eating disorders, so it's not outside of the realm of possibility. However, Duggar has made no mention of struggling recently – and her husband and mother know about her struggles, so hopefully they're on the lookout for signs of relapse.

Are Jill and Jinger at Odds?

Another source of stress for Jinger could be a feud between her and sister Jill Duggar that eagle-eyed fans suspect may be unfolding.

Jill took a brief break from social media just before the holidays, having fans worried about her disappearance. But she was struggling with a miscarriage late last year and the ramifications of her abuser brother's conviction.

Per Celebuzz, "Many fans were supportive of Jill, hoping that she’s just taking some much-needed time away from the spotlight. As it turns out, she was just taking some time off from Instagram and made her return on January 30.

'Hey peeps! I took a little break on here to start the year and it has been super nice,' Jill wrote on the social media app. 'We’ve been soaking up family time amidst the daily grind of work and school + enjoying some sunny, warmer weather the last couple of days before another cold front moves in later this week!'

As for Jinger Duggar, her sister, Jana, their mother, and two of their brothers went to Los Angeles to visit."

However, noticeably absent on her tour of family members was Jinger – and fans wondered if that meant the two were at odds.

Other fans, however, suggested that the pair just wasn't close. With 18 siblings, after all, you can't be close with everyone – so maybe they just aren't on "visit at the holidays" terms.

Hopefully, though, they're on, "keep an eye out for relapse" terms and both Duggar sisters are in a good, healthy place.