Miami Nightclubs Go Digital as Crypto Week Hits the Magic City

Miami has been growing in recent years as one of the tech capitals of the world. With more and more

Crypto Week Miami

Miami has been growing in recent years as one of the tech capitals of the world. With more and more tech companies turning to the South Florida party city, has the time come to crown Miami tech’s most up and coming? The crypto industry seems to think so, hosting in Miami the world’s biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain tech conference with Bitcoin 2021, affectionately known as “Crypto Week”. It’s a crypto extravaganza and Miami’s nightlife is getting in on the digital revolution. This week, some of EDM’s hottest talent is showing up to Miami to celebrate Crypto Week, and CELEB has the details.

Crypto Week Comes to Miami

Crypto Week Miami

As Miami seizes the top spot in the crypto world, over 50,000 people are expected to flock to the South Florida city. The convention is happening in Mana Convention Center in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood from June 3rd to 5th. Crypto Week business star headliners include Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, skateboard legend and entrepreneur Tony Hawk, along with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Ron Paul, Senator Cynthia Lummis, Nick Szabo, Michael Saylor and more. Suarez wants to boost Miami’s tech credibility and hopes Crypto Week forever ties the city to the digital currency revolution in the future. Suarez is also looking into finding ways to allow citizens to pay taxes and fines in crypto cash. Fox Business shares Suarez’s words; “We want to be one of the most crypto-forward and technological cities in the country. So we’re looking at … creating a regulatory framework that makes us the easiest place in the United States to do business if you’re doing it in cryptocurrencies.”

Miami may not have some of the tech muscle as its West Coast siblings in Silicon Valley, but its pivotal location on the East Coast and connection to all things young and powerful makes it a natural successor for the crypto industry as it looks to buck conventions and forge new paths. Back in 2018, Jorge Cortes helped launch the Blockchain Center in Miami to establish a crypto hub. Over the past few years, Miami Heraldshares, “Miami has experienced faster growth in its tech workforce in the past year than any other major metro (though the absolute size of that workforce remains small).”

With the tech-centered growth in the burgeoning city, it’s no wonder Crypto Week picked Miami.

LIV, Story and E11even Celebrate

Miami’s nightlife never misses an opportunity to join the celebration. LIV, Story, E11even, and other nightclub hotspots have pulled in some major music and entertainment talent for the weekend, each one outdoing the next as they celebrate being one of the few places in the country completely reopened now.

LIV is hosting Farruko June 3rd, Marshmello June 4th, Diplo June 5th and a blockbuster Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight June 6th.

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Story is hosting 3LAU on the 3rd. On the 4th, it’s closed for a private event that has spawned a bevy of rumors and speculation. Of course, it’s probably the private party of a crypto-billionaire; perhaps Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin? Mum’s the word, but the club reopens June 5th to host Fisher.

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E11even is pulling out all the stops for an all-star lineup as well, with Paris Hilton manning the booth June 3rd, Major Lazer Sound System June 4th, an in-house event on the 5th, and Swae Lee on the 6th. World sensation Deadmau5 was supposed to kick it all off June 3rd but posted on social media Wednesday that he was not feeling well and would be canceling out of an abundance of caution.

While Miami is certain to miss Deadmau5’s signature style and electricity, the nightlife lineup across the city promises not to disappoint.

The Future of Crypto Remains Uncertain but Miami’s Spot in the Tech Industry is Here to Stay

Elon Musk

The future of cryptocurrency remains in flux for now, as major players like Elon Musk continue to play with the currency values and people decide if they’re ready to get on board or not. But despite some fluctuations in value and uncertainty as to how crypto will interact with the markets moving forward, the digital currencies have been slowly gaining prevalence and popularity. Despite Bitcoin’s 1st quarter drop this year, Bitcoin 2021 promises to bring everyone’s attention back to crypto and all the good things it can be.

Whatever happens with crypto over the next few years, Miami has cemented its place in the crypto industry. Now businesses have somewhere outside of Silicon Valley to turn their sights, and the South Florida city is ready to welcome them.