Cymbiotika Announces Debut of Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

Wellness brand Cymbiotika is at the forefront of the wellness revolution. With products that nourish your mind, body, and soul,


Wellness brand Cymbiotika is at the forefront of the wellness revolution. With products that nourish your mind, body, and soul, it’s the perfect brand to trust with your health and wellness. Each product is carefully crafted, tested, and perfected by a team that cares deeply about the health of its customers, which means they want the best for every single one. They’ve just announced the debut of a new product: Apple Cider Vinegar capsules. The perfect compliment to any health regimen, ACV capsules from Cymbiotika are just the brand’s newest proof that wellness is their core tenet. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

It’s an exciting announcement for wellness lovers everywhere; ACV capsules have come to Cymbiotika. ACV is considered the cornerstone of many wellness regimens, so the easy-to-take capsules from Cymbiotika are a boon to customers. The Cymbiotika capsules include Thiamine and Chromium as well, two essential compounds proven to help support blood sugar and metabolism while managing cravings. 

The capsules are created from 100% organic apples which undergo a unique two-step fermentation process. The capsules have also been designed with dozens of probiotics to maximize gut health; something the founder Chervin Jafarieh believes is at the center of our overall wellness. Speaking with CELEB, Jafarieh explained, “This is the centerpiece of what I believe is a very fundamental formula for so many people. I’ve been researching where all this disease is coming from; heart disease, cancer, all of it – where is it coming from? At the root of it is metabolic disease. If you look at the science and the data, a big part of the population worldwide has some form of insulin resistance. The body is not properly able to absorb insulin, which causes all sorts of problems from diabetes to obesity. And there are people out there trying to lose weight, and they’re not overdoing calories but their system isn’t functioning properly. Apple cider vinegar is vital in improving insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance. What we wanted to do was make it easy. I’ve been using ACV my whole life, in its liquid form. But it’s not necessarily easy for everyone because it’s not always palatable, so we wanted to make a concentrate version people could take via capsule without having to worry about the acidity or taste.”

Jafarieh continues, “We sourced an organic fermented form which is high in nutrients, and combined it with a trademarked version of chromium. We now know chromium helps mobilize sugar and metabolize sugar efficiently, in an effort to not have metabolic symptoms and metabolic issues. So we tag-teamed this Chromax, which comes with all sorts of clinical studies that backs up its ability to regulate blood sugar and help metabolize food, especially carbohydrates. We added thiamine, which is a B vitamin that plays a vital role in cellular metabolizing.”

None of this is a modern revelation; Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for thousands of years, and Cymbiotika is comfortable harnessing traditional remedies with a modern upgrade. All of the ingredients are highly bio-available, and they’ve leaned upon 35 human-centric studies to create the perfect formula to help balance metabolism. 

The Cymbiotika team explains in a statement, “Cymbiotika formulates products with only the highest quality bioavailable, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients. This product contains ZERO chemicals, animal products, GMOs, fish, soy, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy, lactose, eggs, yeast, sugar, solvents, alcohols, binders, flavors, additives, preservatives, coloring, fragrance, silicone, and BPA.”

When you buy Cymbiotika, you know you’re getting the very best because the team cares and invests so much time in perfecting their products. 

“It’s common for over-the-counter apple cider vinegar formulas to contain synthetically created acetic acid,” said Cymbiotika’s CEO/Managing Partner, Shahab Elmi in a statement. “In developing an organic capsule, we’ve found that all-natural acetic acid has proven more effective in supporting healthy weight loss, digestion and achieving optimal gut health. We are also thrilled to offer our customers the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in a capsule form, instead of its more common liquid delivery which can be sour-tasting and lead to erosion of tooth enamel over time.”

The Benefits of ACV


The benefits of apple cider vinegar therapy have long been touted in wellness circles, and the world is starting to take notice. Here are some of the most well-known benefits from an ACV regimen:

  • High in healthy substances: ACV contains small amounts of potassium, acetic acid, and something called the, “mother;” which consists of strands of proteins, enzymes. 
  • Harmful bacteria-fighting capabilities: People often use it to clean because of its antibacterial properties. Hippocrates – long considered the father of modern medicine – used it as an antiseptic in wounds over 2,000 years ago.
  • Lowering blood sugar and managing diabetes: Because ACV may help lower and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, it’s often used in treating mild cases of type 2 diabetes.
  • Weight loss: People often report an enhanced feeling of fullness when using ACV, which leads to eating smaller portions.
  • Heart health: We know that it can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in animals and suspect it may have a similar effect in humans. 
  • Skin health: Because of its acidic nature, ACV is believed to help balance the pH level of the skin and may help conditions like eczema. 

If you’re not convinced, we don’t blame you because it sounds too good to be true. The only way to be sure is to try Cymbiotika’s new ACV capsules and see for yourself. 



There are hundreds of wellness brands out there so you may be asking yourself, “Why should I choose Cymbiotika?” In a word: quality. The Cymbiotika mission is “your mind and body deserve the best” and the team is dedicated to providing it. The San Diego-based brand is driven by the purpose of inspiring everyone to achieve their maximum wellness, whatever that may look like.

Founder Jafarieh, CEO Shahib Elmi and CFO Durana Elmi work together to insure that every product that comes to customers is of the highest quality. Jafarieh is closely involved with the planning, testing, and production processes. He’s not content to just order a product and sell it en masse, he wants to make sure it’s perfect from conception to customer. 

With a brand that focuses on a variety of health approaches including gut health, mental wellness, skin health and overall balance, you’ll find something for everyone with the Cymbiotika brand family. Visit the website for more information or to give the new ACV capsules a try.