Dance Music Coming Soon From K-Pop Star Sam Kim

Following his success in the OST space, R&b and K-pop artist Sam Kim is set to release his first ever dance


Following his success in the OST space, R&b and K-pop artist Sam Kim is set to release his first ever dance single. If you don’t already know, Sam is most known for his iconic soundtracks in K-dramas. He most recently leveled up his fame after going viral on social media with his OST for ‘Nevertheless.’ And we all know the power in that nowdays.

Get to Know Sam Kim


The Korean-American singer-songwriter made his debut in 2016 with an EP followed up by his first studio album in 2018. He grew up in Washington and at the age of 15 moved to South Korea. It was participating in season three of K-pop Star and placing second in the competition that sparked his career. Sam became well known for his divine vocals as he continued on to produce soulful ballads and R&B tracks. He released multiple singles and music videos and also did many features, making his name no stranger to the charts. And now, Kim is signed with an independent record label, Unbound Entertainment Group & Unbound Records, who is accelerating the growth of his craft.

Transitioning into the Dance Scene


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With too much time having passed since Kim released new music, on October 26th he revealed that he will be releasing a new single in 2022. And this time in a new genre. Kim shared that he “Hope to put out something fresh.” The young artist “wanted to take on a new challenge writing the song,” showing his versatility. His new single will be in the dance genre and accompanied by a surprise (and very popular) DJ who’s identity we can’t expose just yet.

Kim’s representatives expressed the excitement for his new single by hyping up the buzz surrounding it by his fans. One fan said, “I’m really thrilled that Sam is working on a dance song.” And another one opened up, “His distinctive sound is always something myself and the fan community look forward to hearing more of, especially intermixed with genres where we haven’t heard him before.”

So far, this is all we know about Sam Kim’s big release. However, don’t stay too far. More news is being expected about the single’s release over the coming months.