Daniel Craig Suits Up As James Bond For A Final Turn, In ‘No Time To Die’

James Bond, famously known as the man who saves the world, might be taking on a simpler task as of

Daniel Craig

James Bond, famously known as the man who saves the world, might be taking on a simpler task as of tomorrow; Saving the movie theaters. No Time to Die was scheduled to release over a year ago but with delays due to the pandemic, it took a bit of a hiatus. And falling weak to a streaming-service domination, box office sales could be questionable. Although, with Daniel Craig in the drivers seat the anticipation for the final oo7 film is high. 

Craig put his imprint on the James Bond character in the 2006 film, Casino Royale. He stood as the face of Bond for 15 years and five movies. His role has scored him free martinis from strangers at the bar at 11 o’clock in the morning and the less exciting selfie requests from fans doing the iconic gun pose. Craig admitted, “I’m such a grump. I’m always as nice as can be, but I’m not that guy, so I let them do the posing. They get to have the fun.” Well anyways, Craig’s most recent adventure follows the infamous spy squaring up against an evasive bioterrorist played by Rami Malek, and sharing a romantic connection with Madeleine Swann, played by Lea Seydoux.

Media Attention That’s Shaking Up the Box Office

James Craig

No Time to Die captured it’s audience and more after being the first title in Hollywood to move its dates in response to the pandemic. And like we mentioned earlier, this created worry that box office sales wouldn’t be as high. However, just because it may fall short to the opening numbers of other films released this year, it won’t be a complete fail. According to IndieWire “if No Time [to Die] grosses $60 million- $70 million, it will hit the mark of what’s reasonable given precedence and current market conditions.” And with plenty details for fans to look forward, there is hope that the film will hit that mark.

For one, you’ll recognize all of the faces this go around. After a major shakeup for the cast in the release of Skyfall, faces became familiar again in Spectre with Bond’s love interest, Madeleine Swann, making a return for No Time to Die alongside others. Does the name Felix Leiter ring a bell? Yes my friends. Jeffrey Wright will be returning to his character after sitting out the last two films. But parallel to that is the fact that the plot will be able to continue in a way that wont be so confusing. The films have had an unfortunate gap of time between them, yes, but No Time to Die promises to continue where Spectre left off.

Daniel Craig Coming Full Circle

James Craig

While promoting his previous oo7 film, Spectre, in 2015, the British actor had no problem expressing his exhaustion with the role. Acting as the world saving spy took both a physical and emotional toll. He shared, “I’ve always tried to be honest about my feelings. When I started doing Bond, I threw myself into it and was as physical as I possibly would be. I felt that was really important – that’s who I wanted my Bond to be. I wanted people to believe it was me doing those stunts.” He continued, “However, after Spectre, I genuinely felt like I couldn’t do that anymore. I felt like, ‘What was the point?’ Also, it’s at least a year out of my life away from home. And that is really tough on everybody.” Craig explained that it was no longer fun to make the call to his wife, Rachel Weisz, about another broken bone – which unfortunately wasn’t just part of the acting. So, needless to say, Daniel Craig wasn’t too interested in coming back for another movie. But after talking with the films producers  about how to tie up loose ends for his character, he agreed to do one more.

Arguably, Daniel Craig has been the best James Bond to hit screens. Fans can’t help but wonder if this will be the final two hours and 43 minutes of time they spend will this notable character. Everything will come together in this film- reminders of Bond’s advancing age, his heartache of Vesper, his past regrets and more. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga, is a skilled filmmaker with a unique touch on action styled clips. So naturally here we are, biting our nails waiting outside of movie theaters for the midnight premiere. Do people still do that by the way?