David Beckham Earns More From FIFA 2021 Than He Did on the Field

David Beckham is one of the most well-known names in the world of soccer, or as it’s aptly called across

David Beckham Fifa

David Beckham is one of the most well-known names in the world of soccer, or as it’s aptly called across the pond, football. In England, Beckham is somewhat of a hero. So it’s a little strange to find that one of the greatest soccer stars of all time is actually making more money from a video game than he ever did on the pro field. 

Beckham is a Household Name in Many Countries

David Beckham

America is one of the few countries that doesn’t hold our soccer stars up on a pedestal. Americans are focused more on American football than what the rest of the world calls football. But in dozens of countries across the globe, Beckham is more than a soccer star, he’s a hero. He’s the example people provide their children for how to achieve their goals of becoming sports stars and changing the world. 

In his 12 years with Manchester United, Beckham helped lead his team to 6 championships. Beckham also spent time with the LA Galaxy, Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain teams, earning more championship titles with all but the Italian team. 

Per Sportscasting, “Dave Beckham’s salary at Manchester United reached its peak at about $11 million per year, slightly better than what he earned with Paris Saint-Germain. His deal with the LA Galaxy — $32.5 million over five years — didn’t look as good up front, but there were important future considerations.

As part of the inducement to get Beckham to leave Europe, MLS officials gave him the option to buy an expansion franchise for $25 million after his playing days were over. Beckham cashed in that chip in February 2014 and announced his intention to locate in Florida. Inter Miami CF was supposed to debut by 2017 but delays in the stadium deal pushed that back to 2020.

Inter Miami made its debut on March 1, 2020, and squeezed into the playoffs with a 7-13-3 record.”

ESports Become Beckham’s Cash Cow

One would assume that a professional superstar soccer player would earn the most doing what he’s good for – owning the soccer field. However, Beckham was offered a deal that turned out to be far more lucrative.

Sportscasting reports, “Retired English soccer star David Beckham has landed the gig as the cover star for EA Sports’ FIFA 21 Beckham Edition game, which last featured him out front for FIFA 98. Beckham appears as a special player known as an “icon.”

According to The Mirror, Beckham signed a three-year deal after negotiations drove the total price up from $40 million to about $53 million.

‘I’m so proud to be returning to EA Sports with my FIFA 21 Beckham Edition cover,’ he wrote on Instagram. ‘Excited to be back on the pitch as an icon with some of my old teammates!’”

A New Frontier For Stars

Christiano Ronaldo

Video games are a new frontier for stars to conquer. Video game cameos by famous stars are not new, and they can be extremely lucrative given the rate at which the video game industry is expanding. Stars like Mike Tyson, Burt Reynolds, Mark Hamil, Natalie Dormer, and Keanu Reeves have all graced video games with their voices, endorsements, and sometimes their digital likenesses. Cristiano Ronaldo was offered a seven-figure sum for a lifetime deal with FIFA over a cover contract. 

Beckham is just the latest star to enter the arena to such success. The FIFA games have provided a way for real sports stars to connect with their ESports counterparts, and it can be a way for stars to segue into a new phase of their career.