Dean Cocozza’s New Work Could Drop Anytime Soon

The writer and composer seems to be looking to surprise his audience with a release in the very near future.

Dean Cocozza Music

The writer and composer seems to be looking to surprise his audience with a release in the very near future. We have some good reasons why Dean Cocozza’s new project is coming soon.

During last year, it had gone quiet around the artist. After the release of his new book, the rainy Berlin apparently had made way for the sunny Los Angeles. ’zero dark thirty’ was a great success with several stores reporting the popular collection of poems to have sold out.

What’s Next for Dean Cocozza?

Cocozza’s book merged well into his portfolio of work, with his dialogues and compositions usually walking hand in hand into melancholia. In an interview earlier last year, the British-German talked a little more about the coming together of the collection of writings and poems.

He recalls not realizing “how dark this book was until it was done” and to “remember reading the finished book the first time and thinking ‘f**k, this is pretty intense”.

Followers of his work were probably a little less surprised than the creator himself – Dean Cocozza is known for his deep emotional approach in his writings and compositions. Following the successful release and sales of the artwork, the obvious question is, what’s next for the multi-disciplinary artist?

Teasers of videos on several external media platforms as well as his latest short release on music streaming platforms give us a hint. Despite his involvement in several productions, whether as a writer or composer, Cocozza has delayed the release of an announced ambient record several times. And recently, it had turned rather quiet in public around the multi-instrumentalist.

An Album, A Movie?

Dean Cocozza

But recent signs have us hopeful, for bigger projects in the future. Whether it’s music, or the combination of visuals and sounds, we are ready. His cinematic approach both in writing and composing have almost organically pushed him closer to the film industry.

Although his life-signs on social media have become very rare recently, his Instagram profile has been a magnet for lovers of meaningful poetry and art for a few years now. After the ghostwriter and composer started sharing more of his personal writings with the public, he quickly gathered a solid following. Whether it’s his ability to break down complex emotions in short poetry or writings, or his matching delivery of those, might not even matter.

Short videos from aesthetic spots all over the world, meet snippets of Dean Cocozza’s compositions. With the matching words, his posts have had the tendency to go viral and be shared all over social media. 
He credits the platform for shaping part of his creative outcome. Instagram, where potentially millions might see your content. But the same millions might only give you the tenth of a second to catch their attention. A consuming behaviour that the artist took into consideration when starting to post more on the app – with success. Brands and artists all over the world have worked with the independent artist to this date.

New work from artists who don’t throw a random release at their audience every week always has us excited – but this one in particular. Will Dean Cocozza surprise his followers with a new release soon? Well we put our money on it.