Kimberly Fattorini Disturbing Death Leaves Multiple Questions Unanswered

Kimberly Fattorini was just 30-years old when she was found dead in a West Hollywood apartment on July 21, 2017.

Kimberly Fattorini was just 30-years old when she was found dead in a West Hollywood apartment on July 21, 2017.

Kim was a model in addition to being an assistant casting director for Playboy. As a beautiful young blonde she also had access to the V.I.P. areas at all the top clubs and invites to the hottest parties in Hollywood.

Kimberly’s body was barely cold before the speculation, rumors and inevitable spiteful bile began to pollute the internet. There were (totally unsubstantiated) claims that she was a hard-partying drug addict and that she led a double life as a “sugar baby”; seeking out older rich men to have sex with in return for financial reward.

Some trolls capitalized on the tragedy by twisting it into a “cautionary tale”—blatantly attempting to victim shame—presumably in a bid to warn other beautiful young women to moderate their behavior, just stay home and be compliant, and, well, to “know their place”, or end up dead too.

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Hollywood has a well-earned reputation for sucking in, eating up, and then spitting out beautiful young women. Ever since the infamous and horrific Black Dahlia case back in 1947 which remains unsolved to this day— there’s been a seemingly endless number of models and actresses who have suffered mysteriously premature deaths or been victims of gruesome murder.

So in many ways, it’s hardly surprising that the cops appear to have immediately written off Kimberly as having been just another hot chick whose penchant for hard-partying brought about her own demise, same goes for the coroner’s department, who ruled Fattorini’s death as an “accidental overdose”.

The statement that the coroner’s office released before they had even completed her autopsy or received any toxicology reports, points to them having already made their mind up about how and why the 30-year-old died. “There was evidence that Fattorini had been out with friends the night before, drinking and possibly using drugs,” a spokesperson said.

Oh, shame on her! Kim deserved to be murdered for such contemptible behavior…right, INCELS? (oh, BTW, your mum’s calling, she wants you out of the basement and off 4-Chan for a while, your dinner’s ready….)

However, the sickening speculation and gross narrative that had started circulating about the woman who’d now become “case number 2017-05435” painted a very different picture of the Kimberly that her family, close friends, and boyfriend knew and loved.

A very different story.

“My angel & longtime girlfriend of 8 ½ years Kimberly Fattorini passed away yesterday morning,” Kim’s boyfriend Sam Rhima wrote on Instagram the day after her death. “She was the sweetest, kindest, most loving human being you could ever meet. She was the love of my life, my casting assistant & my best friend. I will love and miss her forever.”

“She was absolutely the most amazing and beautiful girl inside and out, a real angel that visited us for a short time here on earth,” he wrote in a later post, along with an adorable video of the two of them together. “I’m thankful she was in my life. It wouldn’t have been the same without her. She will be forever loved and missed. Rest in Peace Kim, I’ll always love you.”

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“We are convinced that Kim remains in our presence, watching over us, knowing that she was loved and will be remembered. As her book of life was being written, it was filled with compassion, generosity, friendship, and love for all she encountered,” Kimberly’s parents, DeAnn and FerdinandFattorini wrote on the GoFundMePage that Sam started to help raise money to bury their daughter. “The numerous comments posted are a testament to what a genuine, graceful, and beautiful person she was, inside and out. She has left a lasting mark for all who knew her. We consider that a gift to be cherished. With our deepest gratitude and love, we thank you.”

Kimberly’s roommate and fellow model, Tawnie Jaclyn, also posted a loving tribute to her friend on her Instagram page on what would have been Kimberly’s 31st birthday. “Today is a day of celebrating a beautiful soul who made a remarkable impact in this world and in my life and others,” she wrote in part. “Today I remember a beautiful, powerful, gentle, smart & happy woman whom I had always admired and appreciated having as one of the closest friends I’ve ever had. So, with every ounce of my heart….. Happy birthday favorite. I love you so much.”

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Jaclyn wrote another post recently, during which she called out those responsible for having spread all the salacious lies about her friend.

“I’d like to address the inhumane acts of malicious speculations that slandered Kim’s name right after she passed. I can’t explain the pain it [inflicted] on myself alone and her loved ones,” she shared. “I hope by now you have learned to have respect for someone’s life and not jump to conclusions when you don’t know the facts.”

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Ah yes! The facts…something so many people give little to no regard to whatsoever these days.

First came the autopsy report (which was finally released a YEAR after Kimberly’s death), listing “acute ethanol, cocaine and Gamma Hydroxybutyrate toxicity” as being the cause of her “accidental overdose”.

Now, back up for one minute here

For those not in the know, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, more commonly referred to as GHB, Grievous Bodily Harm, or Liquid G, is known, when taken in large doses, to cause negative side effects such as “sweating, loss of consciousness, nausea, hallucinations, amnesia, and coma” according to

Back in the early ‘90s (in the UK and amongst the gay community at least) it was a common club drug–taken in small doses, but in recent years GHB’s become way better known as being the rapist roofie drug of choice, perfect for those men out there who just love to get off by penetrating and assaulting unconscious girls or woman.

“GHB is available as an odorless, colorless drug that may be combined with alcohol and given to unsuspecting victims prior to sexual assaults,” explains. “It may have a soapy or salty taste. Use for sexual assault has resulted in GHB being known as a ‘date rape’ drug. Victims become incapacitated due to the sedative effects of GHB, and they are unable to resist sexual assault. GHB may also induce amnesia in its victim.”

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Kimberly’s toxicology report showed that she had such a high level of GHB in her bloodstream that it would have been enough to have rendered her unconscious for THREE DAYS.

Seriously, Deputy Coroner James Blacklock? Do you honestly believe that Kimberly willingly took that much GHB? Out of personal choice? Seriously?!!

Give us a break dude.

Seeking Justice

Then came the wrongful death civil lawsuit that Kimberly’s parents filed —against Monica Maas, J.P. Castro, club promoter Elias Wehbe and former NFL player, Shawne Merriman—and that really shows something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark…..well, California, to be precise.

In tabloid parlance, it’s a “bombshell” lawsuit, and it’s completely changed the narrative of what’s believed to have actually gone down on the night of Kimberly’s death—in addition to revealing what douches Wehbe and Merriman are—courtesy a number of truly sickening and disgusting text exchanges between them and their band of equally despicable “bros”.

It also throws up countless questions about the case that STILL remain unanswered, including (amongst others):

• What role did Eli Wehbe play in Fattorini’s death?

• Did Shawne Merriman roofie and sexually assault Fattorini, then just skip out after she died?

• Why did Merriman disappear before the cops turned up?

• What role did Monica Maas play in Fattorini’s death? Why did she repeatedly lie to the cops, and did she really steal her supposed friend’s Louboutin shoes from her dead body?

• How did Maas supposedly move her friend’s body from the sofa onto the floor without help from somebody and without making any noise, during the 911 call she made.

• Finally, and most importantly: Will there ever actually be any real #JusticeForKim?

Over the next few days, we will be posting four more articles relating to this shocking case, during which we will cover each and every one of those questions.

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In addition, we’ll be diving in deep on both Merriman and Wehbe; talking to (just some of) the multiple women who have been subjected to eerily similar experiences to Kim’s, oftentimes involving both Wehbe and Merriman.

Also, we’ll be detailing the roofie and rape epidemic that’s positively thriving in LA’s club scene right now.

(Oh, and ladies, rest assured, this is far from any kind of cautionary tale aimed at you–far from it–it’s a demand for these “men” to stop their deplorable behavior STAT.

Grow the F up dudes and actually take responsibility for the multitude of awful things you’ve done.

Be sure to check back soon to read the second part, where we dig in deep and detail all of the events running-up to Fattorini’s death, what actually happened on the night, and the aftermath.

Meanwhile, take a look at your calendars, Merriman and Wehbe, because it’s actually 2020 now, and #SorryNotSorry but Harvey Weinstein, Jefferey Epstein, Matt Lauer, Darren Sharper, Louis C.K. and countless others have realized its finally #TimesUp for Douchebags.

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