Did Hunter Biden Steal From Daughter’s College Fund To Pay For Hookers And Drugs?

Hunter Biden has long been the target of Republican suspicion. As a son of President Joe Biden, it’s expected that

Hunter Biden, CBS Sunday Morning - YouTube
Hunter Biden, CBS Sunday Morning - YouTube

Hunter Biden has long been the target of Republican suspicion. As a son of President Joe Biden, it’s expected that Hunter keeps his nose clean. But the troubled First Son has long struggled with drug use, and his proximity to power has made things worse over the years. However, Hunter’s trouble with the law goes beyond his substance abuse: he has also failed to pay appropriate taxes. And he has failed to declare his drug abuse while purchasing a firearm, new charges allege.

Yet the worst of it all may be a new report that suggests he withdrew $20,000 from his daughter’s college fund to pay for his dangerous and illegal lifestyle.

Hunter Pleads Not Guilty On Gun Charges

Hunter Biden

On October 3, news broke that Hunter Biden was pleading “not guilty” on felony gun charges. In 2018, federal authorities with the U.S. Attorney’s office started an investigation into Hunter’s taxes. They were checking whether or not he paid his due amount of taxes on millions of dollars worth of earned money. Some of his ventures involve overseas businesses, which raises red flags for investigators. Hunter has since paid the owed taxes on those dealings, but the probe continued.

While investigating the unpaid taxes, authorities discovered that Hunter may have lied on a 2018 application to buy a gun. At the time, Hunter said he was drug-free when he purchased the Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver. But the President’s son later admitted that he was addicted to drugs at the time of the purchase.

Over the summer, Hunter was offered a deal to plead guilty to a pair of misdemeanor tax offenses. It would have significantly lessened his chance of serving jail time. The plea deal also included Hunter entering a diversion program to avoid prosecution on the gun charge. But the deal withered, and special counsel David Weiss then signaled that he would be charging Hunter on tax and gun charges. He has since pled not guilty to those charges as he prepares to duke it out in court.

Hunter Biden May Have Stolen $20K From Daughter’s College Fund To Pay For Hookers And Drugs

However, Hunter Biden may be facing a new firestorm soon. DailyMail reports that they have found documents alleging that Hunter withdrew $20,000 from his daughter Maisy’s college funds. And he used that money to pay for hookers and drugs during a months-long bender. Additionally, the outlet alleges he never paid taxes on that withdrawal.

On December 17, 2018, Wells Fargo sent an email to Hunter warning that he had just 44 cents left in his account. Hunter made a “jumbled reply” according to the outlet. And told them to move $20,000 from his daughter’s college fund. He then told the wealth managers, “liquidate what you can’ and ‘Live [love] you both.” This interaction came at the height of Hunter’s drug-fueled wild behavior when Maisy was in her senior year of high school. She, her two older sisters, along with President Biden and his wife tried to stage an intervention weeks before Hunter withdrew the money. He promised he would go to rehab. But Hunter revealed in his 2021 memoir that instead, he went to a hotel room to smoke crack.

According to emails and communications on Hunter’s infamous laptop, he used Maisy’s money to pay for prostitutes, his Porsche 911 car loan, sex webcam subscription fees, and other expenses. The House Ways and Means Committee published an affidavit last month from IRS Criminal Investigation agent Joseph Ziegler. In the affidavit, Ziegler alleged that Hunter did not pay taxes on the ill-fated withdrawal from Maisy’s account. All of this behavior will add to the case against Hunter Biden as he prepares to defend himself in court.