Disney’s California Adventure To Reopen For Food Event

Disney’s California Adventure is set to reopen for a ticketed food event. The theme park’s Buena Vista Street has been


Disney’s California Adventure is set to reopen for a ticketed food event. The theme park’s Buena Vista Street has been open for dining and shopping since November 2020. However, the majority of California Adventure has been closed since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This food event scheduled to open in the middle of March will be the first time California Adventure opens its entire park.

Disney has not released specific details for the event, but it has been said that workers have been called back for all areas of the park. The ticketed event will include access to Cars Land, Pixar Pier, Pacific Wharf, and Grizzly Peak. The booths typically used for the park’s annual ‘Food and Wine Festival’ will also be used for the upcoming food event.

While rides and entertainment will not be available to guests during this event, it will allow Disney fans to experience the magic of Disney once again. Many people have been missing Disneyland and California Adventure during the COVID-19 Pandemic. When Buena Vista Street finally reopened after eight months of being closed, people swarmed to the park. The themed land inside California Adventure reopened as an extension of Downtown Disney. The popularity of this reopening is a good sign that California Adventure being set to reopen will also be an anticipated event.

The Similarity to Knott’s Berry Farm ‘Taste of Knotts’

Knott's Berry Farm

The upcoming food event at Disney’s California Adventure is very similar to Knotts Berry Farm’s Taste of Knotts. Knott’s Berry Farm introduced the event in August 2020, and it quickly became a popular event. Taste of Knotts does not include any rides; it is merely an outdoor food event that allows guests to walk around the park and taste different foods inspired by the theme park.

Knott’s Berry Farm has had several events since August 2020, from Taste of Fall-O-Ween to Taste of Merry Farm. However, the latest event from the theme park is the Taste of Boysenberry Festival. The new event will take place from March 5 – May 2 and include more than 65 boysenberry-based dishes and drinks. This event’s timing is similar to Disney’s food event, as the California Adventure food event is set to begin in March as well.


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Disney and Knotts are relatively close to each other, both in Orange County, California. Therefore, people will need to choose which food event they want to attend since they will be on the same dates in roughly the same neighborhood. Disney has not released pricing for their event, but Knotts’ Taste of Boysenberry Festival will cost $45 plus tax for adults and $20 plus tax for children ages 3-11.

California Adventure Celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

The news of the upcoming food event at California Adventure comes days after the theme park celebrated its 20th anniversary. California Adventure opened its gates on February 8, 2001, which marks 20 years of the theme park. There have been many renovations and changes in the last two decades, but it remains a popular Disney destination.

Disney’s California Adventure got a rough start when it first opened, with many being wary of the idea of a new Disney park and the 9/11 terrorist attacks a few months after opening. However, with many changes like Cars Land and more Disney characters and rides, the theme park began to thrive.


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Although most of the park remains closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Disney fans everywhere celebrate California Adventure turning 20. It is a beloved theme park that many will be excited to see reopen for the food event in March.

How COVID-19 Impacted Disney


COVID-19 has impacted everything, including theme parks like Disneyland. Since March 2020, Disneyland and California Adventure have remained closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, in July 2020, Downtown Disney was finally able to reopen with many safety measures and precautions. Guests must wear face masks at all times while remaining socially distant from other guests.

In November 2020, Buena Vista Street in California Adventure reopened with the same safety measures and precautions as Downtown Disney. The remainder of California Adventure is set to reopen in March for a special ticketed food event. Slowly, Disney is doing their best to reopen its California theme parks in a COVID safe way. The California theme parks are the only ones still closed in the world. Disney World in Florida and the other resorts worldwide have reopened.


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Due to the theme parks’ closure, many cast members have been laid off and not been called back to work. However, with the news of California Adventure reopening for the food event, three waves of cast members are recalled to work. This is a good sign for Disney and its cast members.

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