Dogepalooza Seems Made Up But It’s Real and ‘Sounds Kinda Fun’

Dogepalooza: it sounds like a joke, made up by teenagers clowning on an internet meme. But it’s probably real, and


Dogepalooza: it sounds like a joke, made up by teenagers clowning on an internet meme. But it’s probably real, and it’s happening in Texas in 2021. But what is Dogepalooza? That’s a bit harder to answer. Part music festival, part celebration of the dogecoin community, part living internet meme; it’s something different, that’s for sure. CELEB took a look at the details surrounding Dogepalooza and what you can expect if you plan to attend.

Dogepalooza Basics


Let’s start with the basics. Who, what, where, when, and why.

  • Who: for all doge enthusiasts and anyone interested in the community, Dogepalooza is a way to get together to celebrate the dogecoin culture. A press release explains, “Dogepalooza is an authentic community driven Dogecoin Festival slated to be held in multiple cities and countries around the globe. The online Doge community consists of millions of members from around the world, across all social media platforms. Massive digital media attention is swelling as the enthusiasm for the event continues to explode. The event is open to the public.”
  • What: Well, this is a bit harder to answer. There are music artists who will perform, and other events planned for the festival. But since it’s centered around digital currency, it’s not exactly your traditional festival. Let’s just call it an entertainment extravaganza.
  • Where: Sugar Land, Texas. The festival will take place at Constellation Field. 
  • When: Saturday, October 9, 2021. The festival doors open at 12PM noon and close at 10PM. Noon to 5PM will be for families, and 5PM to 10PM will be for adults to let loose. 
  • Why: Why not?

Bezinga reports per MSN, “One of the event sponsors is Slumdoge Billionaire, a Doge-based NFT that was launched previously.

… Sponsor Gods and Legends will create a special limited edition NFT Card for Dogepalooza. The NFT will only be available at the event.”

Dogepalooza Lineup

Dogepalooza Dion Warwick

But if you’re going to truck out to Texas and join a bevy of dogecoin enthusiasts to celebrate… something? You probably want to know who’s going to be there to entertain you. One of the headliners is a bit unusual; Dionne Warwick. The legendary music artist is a supporter of the DOGE (Do Only Good Everyday) culture and says of her involvement, “I’m so looking forward to be a part of this meaningful festival which supports so many vital causes.”

Alongside Warwick is Grammy Award winning producer, DJ, singer, musician, songwriter and composer, and friend of Dogepalooza, Damon Elliot. And joining them is up-and-coming star, classically trained pianist, and Cardi B-accompanying performer Chloe Flower. Other entertainers and guests are expected to join the lineup.

And as for activities, a press release shares these plans for the day:

  • “Live entertainment from national and local headliners, major artists & DJs,
  • Food & Drink,
  • Dogecoin & Dogepalooza Merchandise,
  • Vendors,
  • Family Fun Park,
  • Charities, and
  • Educational venues forlearning more about how to use, accept, and understand Dogecoin.”

It sounds like a pretty cool day, and the press release says that doge-supporter Elon Musk has commented that the festival “seems kinda fun.”

Real or Fake?

But is it for real? Even with such a comprehensive press release and impressive headliners, it can’t possibly be real, right? Well, Warwick herself discusses her involvement in the festival on her Instagram Story, confirming that she will be participating in the Texas festival. And music sites are slowly beginning to incorporate announcements about the festival, lending it legitimacy bit by bit.

Of course, dogecoin started out as a bit of a joke, so this could just be an on-brand prank that fits right in with the culture. But we’re hoping it’s real because who wouldn’t want to spend 10 hours immersed in dogecoin culture and celebrating a community founded on cryptocurrency and charity? It’s definitely going to be an interesting day, and as more details trickle out it sounds more tempting by the day.

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Tickets are available for $300 VIP, $125 General Admission, $50 for Children 4-12 years old, Children under four are free. Parking is included. Interested festival goers have three ways to purchase tickets: (1) Purchase tickets online at; (2) purchase tickets in person at the Box Office at Constellation Field, or (3) purchase tickets with Dogecoin by emailing [email protected]