Internet Loses Its Mind Over Breathtaking Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner Looks at Haute Couture Show in Paris

Doja Cat is known for embracing expression when it comes to fashion. Never one to shy away from taking it

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Doja Cat is known for embracing expression when it comes to fashion. Never one to shy away from taking it to the extreme, she’s rocked some seriously wild looks before.

And Kylie Jenner is a fashion icon in her own right.

But at Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture SS23 show in Paris over the weekend, they both kicked it up a notch – and turned heads.

The internet has been collectively losing its mind ever since pictures and video of the two women’s looks filtered onto social media, and for good reason.


Doja Cat Looks Out of This World

Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is often praised for her embracing of the intense side of fashion.

But this time she took it to a whole new level, covered from head to toe in red.

While she was nearly unrecognizable in the hot fit, she made a bold statement.

The most impressive part of it was perhaps how long Dlamini had to sit for the outfit to come together.

Covered in 30,000 Swarovski crystals, it’s a true work of art.

Vogue tells the story of the show; “‘Schiaparelli’s collection is a beguiling blend of femininity and masculinity,’ says makeup artist Pat McGrath. To achieve the look, McGrath elevated model complexions with a mixture of Divine Skin: Rose 001 The Essence and Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection on some, tending to others with her new Love Collection FetishEyes: Liquid Eye Shadow in Platinum Bronze. ‘The result is a mesmerizing canvas of radiant, multi-dimensional, and luminous beauties,’ she says. ‘Evocative of sublime sculptures; a true feast for the eyes.’

And then there’s Doja Cat. Extending this idea of a live sculpture onto the front row, McGrath and her team adorned the singer with crimson Swarovski crystals for a ‘shimmering, scintillating and subversive look.’ ‘Collaborating with the incomparably talented Doja Cat and Daniel Roseberry was an absolute pleasure,’ McGrath says. ‘Her patience and dedication as she sat with Team Pat McGrath and I for four hours and 58 minutes to achieve the creation, covered in over 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals, was truly inspiring.’”

McGrath posted a close-up of the final look to Instagram with the caption, “It was an honour to collaborate with the incredibly gifted @DojaCat and @DanielRoseberry on the ‘Doja’s Inferno’ look for @Schiaparelli’s FW23 Haute Couture collection. Doja’s patience and commitment during the 4 hours and 58 minutes it took to create the look with #TeamPatMcGrath and I, which was covered in over 30,000 hand-applied @swarovski Crystals, was truly inspiring. The final product was a magical, mesmerising masterpiece and a tribute to Doja Cat’s hard work and dedication.”

See a close-up of the look below.

Kylie Jenner Gets a Head in the Fashion World

And Kylie Jenner really said, “put your head on my shoulder,” for her Schiaparelli look this year.

The Kardashian/Jenner heiress wore an unlikely sculpted look over a simple but stunning black dress.

On her right shoulder, Jenner wore a lion’s head.

But don’t worry – it’s fake – even if it’s hard to tell.

Hand-sculpted for the event, the lion’s head was approximately life-size, with a full flowing mane that perched atop Jenner’s shoulder and gazed imperiously out at the world.

As one Twitter user commented, however – the only way it could have been cooler was if the head could roar.

@DebsExtra shared a video of Jenner’s fit with the caption, “The person that attached the head of a lion to Kylie Jenner’s dress should have also figured out how to make it roar. Just imagine if it could roar 😹.”

And honestly, same. Because it would have been such a cool touch.
But even without the audio effect, Jenner’s look was total queen behavior.

Jenner wore a ponytail with a heavy sideswept faux bang, ruched body-hugging black gown, and of course the king of the savannah.

And just because it’s cool, here’s a vid of the two of them together – owning the show.