Donald Glover Pens Exclusive Deal with Amazon: What You Should Know

Who’s busier than Donald Glover? Once known only for his iconic role in the NBC series, Community, Glover has become a household

Donald Glover

Who’s busier than Donald Glover? Once known only for his iconic role in the NBC series, Community, Glover has become a household name for his superb music and his incredible TV series. On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporterbroke the news that Donald Glover had signed an eight-figure deal with Amazon to release his new projects on their Prime Video platform. This caused a flurry of questions from fans (including myself). What happens to his hit FX series, Atlanta? Will he continue his partnership with FX? Will he make something for Amazon better than the lackluster Guava Island? 

Amazon’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Glover’s Amazon deal shouldn’t surprise fans. Last week, he posted on his Instagram story a video featuring him and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The video started with Glover setting up the camera so he could dance, then it shifts to Bridge’s rendition of the “silhouette challenge” that became popular on TikTok. Bridge is known for creating the critically acclaimed series, Fleabag. Not only did she make Fleabag, but she was also the showrunner and writer for the first season of Killing Eve. At the end of the video, it was revealed that they are developing a Mr. & Mrs. Smith series for Amazon and it is debuting in 2022.

Not much is known about the series besides it being a remake of the 2005 film of the same name starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This move comes as a surprise for many fans due to the tone of the original film and knowing both Glover and Bridge’s previous work, it’s hard to envision what their reimagining will be like.

Glover’s Previous Work

Donald Glover

Glover has had quite a metamorphosis in Hollywood. While he studied at NYU, he was a part of the sketch comedy group, Derrick Comedy. Their videos went viral on YouTube and thus began his career in comedy. His first big break was a writing job at NBC for their sitcom 30 Rock. He was then cast as Troy Barnes in the NBC series, Community. This was his first big role and garnered many fans that fell in love with the aloof jock he portrayed. After a few seasons, he decided to leave Community. And for some time, Glover focused on his music career. He released multiple successful albums and began to star in big-budget films.

Soon after Glover seemed to be appearing everywhere. That is when FX announced they ordered a ten-episode season of his Atlanta series. Atlanta is a masterpiece and is arguably Glover’s greatest work to-date. It follows the story of Earn Marks managing his cousin who is trying to become a famous rapper. The show is so innovative in the way it presents this story to its viewers. Glover also manages to have loads of social commentary on many subjects. From race and sexuality to the entertainment business, Glover somehow seamlessly interweaves storylines into the cohesive work he calls Atlanta. After the first season of Atlanta, Glover leveled up yet again. The series received many accolades for its acting, directing, and writing. After the success of the series, Glover signed a deal with FX to make more shows for them.

Rocky Relationship with FX

After the deal, Glover immediately began work on a new show for FX. It was an animated Deadpool series. Later, fans learned the series had been canceled for unknown reasons. It wasn’t until Glover posted on his Twitter a script for the series’ that fans learned that the cancelation of Deadpoolwas not his choice. He says in the tweet, “For the record: I wasn’t too busy to work on Deadpool.”

Rumor has it, upon the Disney-Fox acquisition, Disney did not like the direction of the Deadpool series and canceled it. This rumor gets more believable when Glover mentions Mickey Mouse in the script. Many believe with Disney now in the picture, Donald began to have issues with FX. So, when news broke that Donald had been shopping for deals with other networks, everyone saw it coming.

What’s Next For Donald Glover

Donald Glover Music

Atlanta fans can rejoice for one reason. After the news broke that he’d be making a slate of series for Amazon, it was also confirmed that season three and four of Atlanta had already been written and they will begin shooting both seasons back-to-back starting in March. It is believed that season four will be the final season of Atlanta and Glover is trying to finish the series so he can focus on his new shows that will premiere on Amazon. Either way, this is good news for Atlanta fans. We can see the conclusion to Earn’s story and then wait for his next series.

There are already new reports of a show he is developing at Amazon. He has recruited Malia Obama (Yes, you read that right) as a staff writer for a show rumored to be called Hive. The only information we have about the show is it follows a Beyonce-like figure and it was created by Watchmen’Janine Nabers.

Donald Glover always subverts our expectations. He gets on a popular show on NBC, he leaves at the height of its popularity. He becomes an international superstar rapper and announces his retirementAtlanta is one of the highest-rated TV series that FX has ever had, and he decides to end it after only four seasons. There is one thing all these decisions have in common, every time he leaves one great work, he makes an even better one.