Donald Trump 1AM Post Frenzy on Truth Social Reveals FPOTUS’s Insomniac Anxieties

Donald Trump may be the former President of the United States and an infamous business mogul, but he’s still a

Donald Trump arraigned Tuesday

Donald Trump may be the former President of the United States and an infamous business mogul, but he’s still a human.

And as the old wisdom goes – what you post about at 1AM is what’s keeping your eyes from closing and sleep from visiting.

So when Trump took to Truth Social after 1AM EST Sunday night to rant about a variety of topics, he was offering a revealing peek into what’s keeping him from sleep.

It’s no wonder, with a new week bringing a world of possibilities of fresh hell for the former President Donald Trump to face.


Donald Trump Goes Ham at 1AM on Truth Social

Insomnia rears its ugly heads in many ways for people, but anxiety is one of the greatest contributors to an inability to sleep.

And even if he doesn’t realize it, Donald Trump put his anxieties on full display overnight amid a 1-3AM EST posting frenzy where he attacked everyone from TV talk show hosts to the DOJ – and even accepted an endorsement at the weirdest hour possible.

Trump first unleashed on the Biden family just after 1AM, writing on Truth, “What’s going on with this one? As everyone knows, two primary Countries for money pouring into the coffers of Hunter and the Biden family are China and Ukraine. Seems that a large portion of the Classified documents which went to the Biden Penn Center made a big stop in Chinatown, D.C. The person in charge was a friend of Hunter named Cathy Chung. You can not make this up, but even I hope it is not true! Just think of what our poor Country has been suffering through?”

And it seems unlikely the former POTUS slept early and woke refreshed, because he had posted prior to that about 4 hours earlier.

From there, the former President wished Biden nominee Jeff Zients well, took a stab at House Minority Whip Katherine Clark’s kid, before turning his ire on the Department of Justice.

Trump next shared an article from a conservative conspiracy theory site saying that the special counsel overseeing the mishandled documents from President Joe Biden had not started his investigation yet. Trump captioned the post, “While my Special Counsel (‘PROSECUTOR’) is viciously harassing and bullying anyone and everyone in sight. This should not be allowed to continue. We did NOTHING WRONG!”

Trump then must have wandered onto a replay of an MSNBC clip around 2AM, because his next post read, “Wow. Morning Joe (Scarborough) and his lovely and very soothing wife, ‘Mike,’ have really bad television ratings. That’s what happens when you become ‘Trump Deranged.’ Better yet, Fake News CNN & MSDNC are dying!!!”

Shortly after that, he accepted an endorsement from Scott Adams, creator of the cartoon strip “Dilbert,” writing, “Thank you Scott, I accept your Endorsement. I knocked out ISIS, I will knock out the Cartels!”

Six hours elapsed between that bizarre middle of the night endorsement acceptance and Trump’s next post, suggesting perhaps the FPOTUS got some sleep.

While Trump is trying to display an air of confidence and unflappability, his Truth Social posts belie it – revealing his anxiety, fears, and inability to brush off his mounting legal woes.

What Fresh Hell Faces Donald Trump This Week as the Weeks Keep Getting Worse?

A post pinned to the top of Trump’s Truth Social account reveals the image he hopes to convey to supporters.

And the woes are indeed mounting.

Every week that passes seems to get worse for the former POTUS, with no court wins trickling in and the landscape looking even grimmer by the day.

Donald Trump scored a brief win when Speaker McCarthy won his gavel, but it came amid a series of setbacks and embarrassments as Republicans essentially ignored his command to support McCarthy.

It took several days for Republicans to do what Trump had asked them to do – a stark change from the height of the former POTUS’s power when all he had to do was say “jump” and they were moving before they could ask “how high.”

Now, Trump is placing himself squarely in the path of another embarrassment.

Republicans in the House are currently holding the debt ceiling hostage to score some wins against liberals in Congress.

They refuse to increase the debt limit until Democrats agree to cuts to vital entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

That means that the country could default on payments for the first time ever this Summer – setting up a ripple effect of global economic disaster.

Trump commanded Republicans not to make the debt limit a battle over the entitlement programs his voters love, and instead focus on other ways to get their agenda passed.

But again, he’s being ignored.

It’s a grim reminder of how far the former President’s power has fallen – and the uphill battle he faces to regain the Presidency in 2024.

Donald Trump currently has a poll pinned to the top of his Truth Social profile showing that he wins against DeSantis in a 2024 primary match-up.

It’s one example of, “I think thou doth protest too much, Mr. Trump.”