Donald Trump’s Advisor Seen Out and About Despite Promising to Quarantine After COVID Exposure

It seems impossible that the White House could get any more bad news about COVID-19 after President Donald J Trump

It seems impossible that the White House could get any more bad news about COVID-19 after President Donald J Trump himself was diagnosed. However, Trump was only one of the first in a long line of people in the president’s inner circle to fall ill with the virus. Among those closest to Trump, advisor Corey Lewandowski was exposed to the president during his contagious period. Lewandowski promised to quarantine, but seems to have ignored the advice of health experts as he was spotted out and about this week, without even a mask to protect others. 

Lewandowski is Close to the President

Hired on the spot in 2014 despite having zero experience managing a presidential campaign, Lewandowski quickly proved his loyalty to Trump and became one of his closest advisors. Lewandowski is known for having a quick temper and a fondness for scuffles, which has landed him in trouble over the years.

Instead of distancing himself from Lewandowski’s antics, the president has embraced his fisticuff mannerisms. As a former advisor to vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Lewandowski was at least familiar with behind-the-scenes politicking. 

Trump Tests Positive

Late Thursday, October 1st, the president tweeted that both he and the First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. The next day, the president was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center to receive more hands-on expert care. Although he was released back to the White House physician’s care on Monday, many speculate that he left AMA (Against Medical Advice) and is far sicker than he and his advisors are admitting in public.

Generally, the only people who receive the treatment regiment that the president has been receiving are people who are very ill with COVID-19, However, because of the position and prestige that the president enjoys, it could simply be that he has access to treatments people with fewer resources are denied. 

The Inner Circle Falls Like Dominoes

Donald Trump Speaking

The president’s people certainly hoped that the positive tests would stop with the Trumps and advisor Hope Hicks, whose positive test had been reported prior to Trump’s tweet, the bad news was far from over. One by one, positive results were announced in people who had been recently close to the President.

The current list of positives in Trump’s inner circle as of October 6th stands thus, per New York Intelligencer:

  1. President Donald J Trump
  2. First Lady Melania Trump
  3. Advisor Hope Hicks
  4. Advisor Kellyanne Conway (and daughter Claudia Conway)
  5. Advisor Stephen Miller
  6. Two of the president’s military aides
  7. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
  8. Pastor Greg Laurie 
  9. Two White House communication aides
  10. New York Times reporter Michael Shear and two journalists
  11. A military support staffer in close contact with the president
  12. Two members of the White House housekeeping staff
  13. Aide Nick Luna
  14. Campaign manager Bill Steipen
  15. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
  16. Advisor and former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie
  17. Republican Senator Mike Lee
  18. Republican Senator Thom Tillis
  19. Republican Senator Ron Johnson
  20. Notre Dame president Father John Jenkins

Corey Lewandowski Exposed And Fails to Quarantine

Trump Advisor Corey Lewandowski

According to CNBC, as of Friday, Lewandowski was self-isolating based on recommendations from experts due to his close exposure to positive Trump and his inner circle.  On top of being out and about despite the risk it poses to others, Lewandowski was also not wearing a mask.

CNBCreports, “Jim Donohoe, who attended the flag football game on Saturday at a field at St. Patrick’s Church in Pelham, New Hampshire, told CNBC he took several photos of the man he recognized as Lewandowski, including the picture above.

Another person confirmed to CNBC that one of Lewandowski’s sons had a game scheduled at the field at the same time Donohoe said he was there to see two grandsons play. This person spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

The league that sponsors the flag football games at that field requires spectators and coaches to wear masks.

…Lewandowski, a New Hampshire resident who once headed Trump’s first presidential campaign, did not reply to multiple requests for comment from CNBC when asked about the photos and his reported presence at the game without wearing a mask.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh also did not reply to requests for comment.”

Lewandowski ‘Self-Isolating’ …or Not

Per CNBC, “In his CBSN interview Friday, Lewandowski had noted his presence at the Trump-related events, and said he would be taking a coronavirus test later that day.

‘I just got back home to my residence in New Hampshire,’ Lewandowski said.

‘I am self-isolating right now, I have no symptoms whatsoever, but out of an abundance of cautionness I will be conducting, I will be having a Covid test this afternoon,’ he told CBSN.

‘It’s already been scheduled, so I’m doing the right thing. I’m home here, I’m self-isolating. I’m going to go to the hospital to be tested and then await those results.’

Lewandowski does not appear to have publicly disclosed his test results.

Even if he had tested negative on Friday, there is no guarantee that Lewandowski would not test positive for the coronavirus later.”

A Pattern of Irresponsible Behavior

Rudy Giuliani

Lewandowski is not the only person in the president’s circle to be behaving irresponsibly. Advisor and Attorney to the president Rudy Giuliani was also seen out and about mask-less after being exposed to Trump. Trump himself removed his mask around White House aides for a photo op on a balcony after returning home from Walter Reed. The President and his people have a serious image problem; they continue to fail to respect health expert guidelines and lead by example.