Donald Trump Post Threatens ‘Biblical’ MAGA Storm, Warns Those ‘In Harms Way’ to ‘Seek Shelter’

Donald Trump is neck-deep in legal and criminal investigations, and has been trying to convince the world that he neither

Donald Trump reporter plane

Donald Trump is neck-deep in legal and criminal investigations, and has been trying to convince the world that he neither organized nor supports violent insurrections.

So he’s been on Truth Social in recent weeks, openly supporting violent insurrections.

If Truth Social users are confused at the former President’s tactics, they’re not alone.

When faced with a criminal investigation for, say, stealing things – you wouldn’t log onto social media and talk about the merits of stealing.

But Trump seems to operate under different rules from the rest of the world, flouting the law and avoiding accountability.

This week, he took to Truth Social to share a dire warning about a “biblical” storm that’s on the way, signal boosting a suggestion to “seek shelter” if you’re “in harms way.”

It’s the former President’s second violent repost in a week, and a concerning sign that he’s gearing up for a bloody 2024.


Donald Trump and the Upcoming StormS

Ever since Q-Anon dropped off the radar, average people have picked up the conspiracy mantle.

On Truth Social especially, all you have to do is scroll for a moment and you’ll come across some sort of Q-Anon imagery.

Usually, it’s a lion, or a promise of an impending storm. Sometimes it’s an allusion to violence or an uprising. Also included in the Q-sphere are threats against Democratic lawmakers and conspiracy theories about how they’re a part of an international cabal of wealthy pedophiles, harvesting the adrenaline of children to stay youthful.

From the average citizen, it’s no more than just a conspiracy theory. From a powerful politician, much less the once-and-future Commander in Chief, it’s a threat.

Last week, Donald Trump reposted a comment on Truth suggesting his supporters were “locked and loaded” and ready for another January 6 style attack.

The post that Trump shared, a comment from a user supporting Trump in a head-to-head against DeSantis, not only shows that Trump supporters are fine with violence, but they’re ready to go for another January 6 – and Trump is completely on board. The user replied to a comment suggesting liberal Democrats would fight to keep Trump out of office again.

The comment, by @freeTX1776, reads, “Then they will have to figure out how to fight 80,000,000 + it’s not going to happen again. People my age and old will physically fight for him this time. What we got to lose ? I’ll donate the rest of my time here on this planet to do it. And I know many many others who feel the same. They got my 6 and we Are Locked and LOADED.”

The backlash against Donald Trump was swift, but as usual he failed to face any official consequences so that seemed to give the former POTUS a green light for more of the same.

This week, he shared a post that reads, “Trump is a Master Communicator…leads them around by the nose & then shines Light…The Storm is brewing…expect Yuge waves…gonna be Biblical…seek shelter if in harms way…”

And it included an oft-used Q quote over an image of Donald Trump reading, “Fate whispers to Trump ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ Trump whispers back ‘I am the storm.'”

It’s not just your average Joe talking tough, though – this is a man who was once and could again be President of the US, once again promoting violence.

Will it change the Department of Justice’s investigation against him?

It’s hard to say, but it’s also hard to imagine that his repeated admittances that he supports violence are helping his case.

Donald Trump Isn’t Bothered by Ron DeSantis, and He’ll Tell you So Ten Times a Day

Donald Trump is also busy on Truth Social trying to convince people that he’s completely unbothered by the rising star that is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

A new poll showed that in a hypothetical Republican presidential primary head-to-head between DeSantis and Trump if they were the only two candidates, DeSantis wins easily.

But in a field where they’re two among several, Trump still clinches the nomination for Republican candidate.

It’s an interesting sign for Republican strategists who may encourage others to drop out to give DeSantis a shot at the nomination rather than splitting the vote and handing it to Trump.

After all, Trump is wildly unpopular with mega donors and even many Republican voters who are weary of his non-stop controversies.

But it’s not a two-person race right now. It’s not even a race between Trump and DeSantis.

And Trump is happy to tell people how little he fears DeSantis – as often as he can.

In a serious case of overselling apathy, Trump has been posting poll after poll showing that he beats DeSantis in primaries, but ignoring ones that show the Florida Governor beating him easily.

This week, Trump slung mud at his former ally, sharing images which allegedly show DeSantis as a young adult partying with teenage girls he once taught when he spent a year teaching high school fresh out of college. The images, which critics say show DeSantis and several underage girls, include what appears to be alcohol.

For someone who’s unbothered by DeSantis, Trump spends a lot of time trying to make him look bad.