‘But You Like Me, Right?’: Shaken and Bewildered Donald Trump Booed on Stage

Donald Trump is used to taking the stage before adoring masses. It doesn't matter what he says, the people who

'But You Like Me

Donald Trump is used to taking the stage before adoring masses.

It doesn't matter what he says, the people who come to see him speak live and in person often cheer for everything – from his comments on the state of immigration in the United States to insulting rival politicians and "woke" ideology, it's easy for Trump to hit a homerun with his live audiences.

So it's no surprise that he was a little shaken and taken aback when an Arizona rally audience did something he did not expect; they booed him.

The former President may be used to hearing an occasional boo in public, but not at one of his rallies – so it was a sobering moment, prompting him to check in with his fans.

But You Like Me, Right??

He took to the stage in Arizona expecting more of the usual: throw out some insults, campaign promises (although he's not "officially running" yet), and enjoy the adulation of his fans.

But things went a little sideways for the former President after he endorsed a congressional candidate.

As he's been doing at rallies for the past 6 months, Trump turned from other topics to his endorsement, telling the audience, "And a highly respected man, just endorsed by me today, future congressman for the 2nd District, Eli Crane."

This time though, no cheers met his pronouncement. The crowd booed loudly, and the former President looked around in confusion, seeming to thank someone off stage to the side who cheered.

He then turned to the audience, looking a little bewildered, and asked, "But you like me, right?"

Of course, the audience cheered – and he continued, but his body language was a little less assured than it had been a few minutes prior.

We’ll Take Neither, Please and Thank You

Trump's non-campaign campaign rallies are taking him through uncertain territory in recent weeks.

As the January 6 hearings continue with the House – they're on recess now but will resume in September – Trump's followers aren't precisely turning against him, but the result is the same.

Many GOP supporters of Trump still believe in him as a politician and a person – but they are starting to worry that he has too much baggage to win in a general election.

A new poll signals bad news for Democrats and Republicans alike as a whopping 71% of Americans don't want President Joe Biden to run again in 2024 – and 64% don't want Trump to run again.

Both parties will be scrambling ahead of the 2024 cycle to decide whether or not to trot out 2020 2.0 or to bring in new blood. For the right, that likely looks like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whom megadonors have been starting to align behind in recent months.

For the left, it's anyone's guess – but California Governor Gavin Newsom and the United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg are on the short list.