Donald Trump Uncomfortably Compares Himself to ‘Vilified’ Abraham Lincoln

Former President Donald Trump compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, whom he called “vilified” and said he has been treated worse than the Emancipation President who was assassinated in office.

Donald Trump Abraham Lincoln mistrial

Former POTUS Donald Trump has again bizarrely compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, who he called “vilified” in an interview with Fox News’ Mark Levin.

Lincoln of course freed the slaves and was later assassinated – so it’s unclear where Trump sees the commonalities between them.

The interview has raised more than a few eyebrows.


Donald Trump ‘Treated Worse’ Than President Who Was Assassinated

In the interview with Levin, the Fox News host asked Trump, “I mean, when you put your head on the pillow at night, do you think about this stuff? You’ll wonder about this stuff you say. What the hell did I get myself into? What do you think?”

Trump responded, “So if I had to do again, I would have done it with all I have to go through. Look, they say that Andrew Jackson was the most vilified person that it was. His wife died during this thing, and they said such horrible things. And he had a very tough presidency. He was a very good president. He was a great general and a good president. Abraham Lincoln, they say, was, you know, he had a civil war going on. All right. But Abraham Lincoln had was just vilified. He was.”

Trump added, “But now they say Trump got treated the worst of all because what they did is they came up with phony stuff Russia, Russia, Russia. It was all hoaxes, the Mueller witch hunt, which turned out to be no collusion. You know, after two and a half years, no collusion. I could have told them that the first day and they had the laptop. They could have figured that out, because on the laptop, if you look at it, you could have figured that out easy.”

The former POTUS continued, “But there’s never been anything. Despite that. People are saying it was one of the most successful presidencies in history, and I believe it was again, we built the greatest economy ever. We’ll do it again.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has compared himself to flashpoint historical figures, but it’s always bizarre hearing him say he’s been treated worse than someone who was actually killed for the job he was doing.

An Embarrassing Move in the Lawsuit from E Jean Carroll

Trump’s bizarre comparison to Lincoln isn’t the only bit of Trump news to come out of the weekend.

Early this morning, Trump’s lawyer filed to declare a mistrial in the lawsuit brought against Trump by writer E Jean Carroll, who is suing trump for battery and defamation over a 1996 sexual assault.

Reuters writes, “E. Jean Carroll returned to the witness stand on Monday where a lawyer for Donald Trump sought to disprove her claim the former U.S. president raped her, after the judge denied a defense request for a mistrial.

Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina resumed cross-examination of Carroll about five hours after requesting a mistrial in her rape and defamation civil case, saying the judge made several ‘unfair and prejudicial’ rulings.

In an 18-page letter filed early on Monday in Manhattan federal court, Tacopina accused U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan of bias against the former U.S. president, including in the jury’s presence.

He said the effect of Kaplan’s rulings ‘manifests a deeper leaning towards one party over another,’ including in comments where the judge ‘openly expresses favoritism.’

The judge denied the motion for a mistrial before testimony resumed.”

Kaplan was appointed to his position by former POTUS Bill Clinton. It should be noted that, at the time he appointed Kaplan, the Clinton and Trump families were close friends.

It’s a desperate Hail Mary that shows the former POTUS’s counsel is concerned that Trump will lose the lawsuit. But even though it was denied, they may resurrect the request for a mistrial when they inevitably file an appeal.

It was, however, blatantly desperate and illogical – which means that Trump is more worried about the outcome than the optics. It’s an unusual move for the former President.