Donald Trump & Melania Trump Have Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic began taking the United States of America by storm in late February/early March, President Donald Trump‘s response

Donald Trump

Since the coronavirus pandemic began taking the United States of America by storm in late February/early March, President Donald Trump‘s response to it has been under scrutiny. Even as of late, when people like Dr. Anthony Fauci have advocated mask-wearing as a necessity to curb the spread, Trump has rarely worn a mask. Also, Trump held rallies indoors (where many did not wear masks) even when doctors and scientists were publicly advising against large public gatherings- and claiming masks should be worn when social distancing could not be upheld. 

This past Tuesday, Trump had his first debate with Democratic candidate (and former Vice President) Joe Biden. During the debate, the topic of masks did come up and Trump asserted he wore them “when needed.” It was also mentioned that he and Biden had tested negative for the coronavirus that evening.

We Tested Positive

In a shocking twist of events that no one saw coming, Trump took to Twitter last night to share that he and his wife, Melania Trump, have now tested positive for the virus. 

Donald Trump COVID



and I tested positive for COVID-19,” Trump began with sharing. “We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

‘Try Some Bleach’

While there were some responses to Trump’s tweet wishing him and his wife well, praying for them, and sending them wishes for a speedy recovery, there were also many responses that were not so positive. 

A sampling of these include:

  • “Try some Bleach, I heard it works,” which actor Michael Rappaport posted with a cartoon character picture of Trump drinking bleach.
  • “Well deserved. As someone who is responsible for the deaths of over 210000 Americans, and a flagrant disregard for the virus since it arrived in the USA, I hope that you experience its full force. I cannot think of anyone more deserving.”
  • “I know it’s been said to death, but downplaying the threat of COVID19 + continuously lying to American people + doing nothing for 70 days + mocking people who wear masks + attacking Fauci & scientists + ignoring RBG’s last dying wish, add up to one thing: #Karma#ItIsWhatItIs.”

Changing The Narrative

Interestingly, some on Twitter immediately began to question if Trump is telling the truth regarding him and Melania testing positive. Some of these comments included:

  • “We must take the @WhiteHouse@potus reveal that he & @flotus tested positive for COVID19 with skepticism. The way @PressSec handled the river ballot dump proves that she must produce concrete docs when announcements & allegations are ever raised by this admin.”
  • “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU Your failure to protect the American people, your failure to perform well at the Debate, your tax returns. Smart way to change the narrative but I’m not buying it #Distraction#TrumpFailedAmerica.”
  • “You are just SCARED of Joe…ADMIT IT!!!”

Nuclear Doomsday

While some are questioning if Trump is telling the truth (as seen in the quoted tweets above), another piece of news has come out that points towards the fact that he is being honest regarding his diagnosis. 

According to a report from Forbes, upon Trump revealing his (and Melania’s) COVID-19 positive diagnosis, the U.S. Navy launched their nuclear doomsday planes on both coasts of the United States of America. The report notes these planes being in the air is a message to “atomic-armed rivals of the United States” that, even though our President may be sick, “America’s nuclear command system is intact.”

Forbes also mentions that even though Trump has claimed he and Melania have tested positive, it is unknown if he is actually sick from the virus. Forbes mentions that Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, was quoted as saying “Rest assured I expect the president to continue carrying out his duties while recovering.”


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