Donald Trump Cries For Help On Truth Amid New York Trial

Former President Donald Trump is frustrated, which is apparent by some of his latest Truth Social posts. The former POTUS

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, MEGA

Former President Donald Trump is frustrated, which is apparent by some of his latest Truth Social posts. The former POTUS has been duking it out with Judge Arthur Engoron in New York over a civil lawsuit by the NY Attorney General’s office.

Trump, several family members, and his Trump Organization are all facing accusations of fraud and poor business practices. The business mogul seemed to be feeling good on Tuesday morning. However, Trump no longer seems confident that things will go his way. Now, Trump is ranting again against the Judge on Truth Social, and even calling for help.

Trump’s High And Low Week

This week has been a rollercoaster for Donald Trump. On Monday, Trump stood outside of a New York courtroom to blast the “scam” and “sham” fraud trial currently rocking the Trump Organization. Trump called the lawsuit by Attorney General Letitia James’ office “election interference.” And he suggested that Judge Arthur Engoron, overseeing the case, is a corrupt “Trump-hater.”

But by Monday evening, Trump seemed to have a different perspective. He suggested that the judge agreed with them about dismissing 80% of the lawsuit. And went into Tuesday morning with buoyed spirits. Unfortunately for Trump, that didn’t last. The business titan was slapped with a limited gag order after he continued to trash-talk New York court officials online. And Engoron compelled him to silence over the case in a limited fashion. But of course, Trump being Trump, he hasn’t slowed down much on the anti-official chatter on social media.

By Wednesday, he was back to full steam insulting James, Engoron, and all officials involved in the fraud trial.

Donald Trump Calls Out For Help On Truth Amid NY Fraud Trial

Donald Trump, Truth Social

Donald Trump‘s tone this week has ranged from furious to sullen, hopeful and triumphant, all the way back to enraged. But his tone seemed to take on a different cast on Thursday morning as he took to Truth Social ahead of another day in the courtroom.

On Thursday, Trump wrote on his social media platform, “The ridiculous A.G. case against me in New York, brought by the Racist and Incompetent Peekaboo James, is being studied and mocked all over the World. Companies are Fleeing! It, and the highly political, Trump Hating Judge, are DESTROYING the Image and Reputation of the New York State Legal System & Courts.” Trump then lamented, “I don’t even get a Jury!” It should be noted that the reason Trump doesn’t have a jury for this trial is that his legal team specifically requested a no-jury trial.

Trump continued, “All of this while MURDERS & VIOLENT CRIME HIT UNIMAGINABLE RECORDS! This is sooo bad for New York.” Then the former President shouted, “HELP! The respected Commercial Division, where it should have been sent in the first place, must take over this ‘sh.. show.’”

Donald Trump calling for help is an unusual development. He’s more likely to demand, threaten, and cajole than ask anyone for help. But Trump’s entire business future in New York is on the line, and it’s clear that the former POTUS is feeling the pressure.