Donald Trump Doubles Down on Election Fraud Delusion as J6 Panel Criminal Referrals Head to the DOJ

On Monday, the House panel investigating the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol started the process of wrapping their work.

Donald Trump threat

On Monday, the House panel investigating the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol started the process of wrapping their work.

As part of their conclusion, the panel voted unanimously to refer criminal charges to the Department of Justice against Donald Trump, John Eastman and other Trump cohorts.

Now, a furious has taken to Truth Social to tell his side of the story – and much of it is delusional. But Trump has to stick to the script, or his one defense evaporates.

Donald Trump Doubles Down on Election Fraud Conspiracy

12/20/2022: Donald Trump responds to the House panel’s criminal referrals over January 6

After the House panel investigating the J6 riots voted unanimously to recommend four separate criminal charges to the DOJ, Trump took to Truth to vent his fury and frustration.

Immediately after the panel’s vote, Trump wrote, “STATEMENT ON JAN 6 COMMITTEE REFERRAL

These folks don’t get it that when they come after me, people who love freedom rally around me. It strengthens me. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Americans know that I pushed for 20,000 troops to prevent violence on Jan 6, and that I went on television and told everyone to go home….

….The people understand that the Democratic Bureau of Investigation, the DBI, are out to keep me from running for president because they know I’ll win and that this whole business of prosecuting me is just like impeachment was — a partisan attempt to sideline me and the Republican Party.”

Trump later posted, “Think of it! The Radical Left Democrats (Communists), SPIED on my campaign, lied to the FISA COURT, lied to CONGRESS, allowed an INVASION of our COUNTRY on the Southern Border, EMBARRASSED us in Afghanistan, gave away our Energy Independence, killed us on job losing Regulations, wouldn’t use the 10,000 plus soldiers I recommended for Jan 6th, refused to look into Election Fraud-the reason for Jan 6th, Rigged & Stole the 2020 Election, allowed Ballot Stuffing, FBI/Facebook/Twitter & Biden CRIME!

….continued from previous TRUTH… And I’m the one that the Corrupt and Partisan Unselect Committee goes after. A two tiered “Justice” System … And, by the way, what ever happened with the Massive number of CRIMES committed by JOE & HUNTER BIDEN? They’re right there, documented and 100% certain. Also,where is the prosecutor from Delaware? What happened to him? Is he friends with the Ukrainian Prosecutor who didn’t prosecute after Biden held up the $BILLION PAYMENT to Ukraine? I DID NOTHING WRONG!”

Today, he returned to Truth, but this time it was to reaffirm his belief in the election fraud conspiracy theory surrounding the 2020 election. Although it has been proven time and again that there was no significant fraud in the 2020 election, and even Trump’s closest allies have informed him, Trump claims he still believes that there was fraud.

Trump, most likely at the behest of his legal counsel, wrote this morning, “I see where the Unselect Committee, using the Democrats favorite weapon, DISINFORMATION, is trying to make the case that I didn’t really believe I won the Election. This is a total LIE. I never thought, for even a moment, that the Presidential Election of 2020 was not Rigged & Stolen, and my conviction became even stronger as time went by. Now, with all of the massive evidence that has come to light, including recently with the FBI suppression of Election changing information, I was 100% RIGHT!”

It’s vital for Trump’s defense that he keep up the facade of believing that the election was stolen.

After all, if Trump admits for even a moment that he lost fair and square, his motives around inciting an insurrection become far more sinister. Instead of defending democracy, as he claims, he would be attacking it.

Trump’s entire defense has to circle around the idea that he believes unshakably in the supposed fraud of 2020.

But Trump is fighting an uphill battle, after waves of former closet advisors and friends have testified that he was well aware that he lost the election and wanted to find a way to seize victory anyway.


House Panel Recommends Criminal Charges for Donald Trump, Others

On Monday, a historic vote was held by the Housel J6 panel.

CELEB reported on the vote real-time yesterday: “The panel first acknowledged (via Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD)) that they are not prosecuting the minutiae, but focusing on holding leaders of the insurrection accountable.

The first charge they recommend criminal recommendations on is “obstruction of an official proceeding.” Raskin explained that this statute makes it, “unlawful for anyone to corruptly obstruct, influence, or impede any official proceeding of the United States government.”

Raskin says that they believe that the evidence ‘warrants a criminal referral’ of Donald Trump, John Eastman and others for violating that statute.

Second, the panel recommends charges to Trump, Eastman and others on ‘charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States.’ Raskin explained, ‘This statute makes it a crime to conspire to defraud the United States.”

The third charge the House panel found cause to recommend charges on is ‘conspiracy to make a false statement.’ This statute makes it unlawful to knowingly and willingly make materially false statements to the federal government. Raskin says that “the evidence clearly suggests” that former President Trump conspired with others to submit fake electors.

And in a stunning and surprise move, the House panel also recommended charges for Trump saying that he chose to ‘incite’ ‘assist’ or ‘aid or comfort’ an insurrection. This is by far the greatest charge, and it shows the House panel took their recommendation seriously. If found guilty, Trump would be barred from ever holding public office again.

The recommendations were made by unanimous vote of the panel.

Raskin did, however, acknowledge that it’s up to the Department of Justice to make those criminal charges official (or not) – they simply make a referral based on their evidence, and send the DOJ what they’ve uncovered.

The final report of the House panel with their criminal recommendations will now be sent to the Department of Justice.”

Whether or not the DOJ will criminally prosecute Trump or not remains to be seen. Special counsel Jack Smith continues his dogged investigation alongside teams appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

While it’s clear to many, certainly the House J6 panel, that Trump may be criminally liable for the attempted insurrection on January 6, criminally prosecuting a former President carries the weight of history behind it.

Garland has to be wondering what the political fallout will be. Not for the DOJ, which is supposed to remain neutral and apolitical, but for the political system in general.

Those who would seek to exploit the precedent could well seek to punish predecessors. But at the same time, if there is evidence of serious criminal activity – the DOJ can’t avoid the indictment even if they worry about the Pandora’s Box it could open.

For now, Trump rages impotently on Truth as investigations swirl around him and he can do nothing to stop them.