Donald Trump Eager to Bring Back Firing Squads and Guillotine Executions

Donald Trump is working overtime to plan for victory in 2024. This portion of the process requires strategizing and planning

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is working overtime to plan for victory in 2024.

This portion of the process requires strategizing and planning for what he wants to sell to the American people for a second term.

And with absolutely zero irony, it sounds like Trump is thinking about bringing back vestiges of the French Revolution – firing squads and guillotines.


Donald Trump Longs for the Violent Executions of Yore

While the best person for the job should be selected as President, it often comes down to who has the most effective messaging.

Regardless of their ability to lead, the person who convinces people that they’re interesting and capable often gets the vote.

So with 2024 just 10 months away, everyone who is eyeing the next Presidential term is hot and heavy on the strategizing.

Including Donald Trump, who apparently is looking to win favor with the pro-bloody execution crowd.

With absolutely zero irony, the preternaturally wealthy Donald Trump wants to bring back French Revolution-style executions.

Business Insider reports, “Former President Donald Trump has been asking advisers what they think of bringing back firing squads and other banned execution methods, Rolling Stone reports.

Rolling Stone spoke to three anonymous sources about the campaign-related conversations Trump has been having with his associates. According to these sources, Trump has on more than one occasion asked his aides questions like: ‘What do you think of firing squads?’

Two Rolling Stone sources say Trump has had discussions with his advisers about everything from bringing back group executions to using banned execution methods like the guillotine.

A third source who spoke to Rolling Stone said Trump has also privately considered if it would be possible to launch an ad campaign to promote these execution methods. This ad campaign would involve airing footage from the executions, the source said.”

That source told Rolling Stone, “The former president believes this would help put the fear of God into violent criminals. He wanted to do some of these things when he was in office, but for whatever reasons didn’t have the chance.”

A Trump spokesperson called the report “ridiculous” and “fake news.”

“Either these people are fabricating lies out of thin air, or Rolling Stone is allowing themselves to be duped by these morons,” they said.

Trump and the Battle with Ron DeSantis

But it fits Trump’s current obsession.

Right now, the former President is laser-focused on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has in recent months made it easier for executions to take place in his home state.

Trump claims – loudly and constantly – that he doesn’t care about DeSantis or see him as a serious threat, even as he posts nonstop polls showing Trump coming out on top in a hypothetical primary match-up between the two.

DeSantis’s move to make Florida more execution-friendly has likely kicked Trump’s obsession with executions into high gear.

He has long spoken about executing people who sell drugs, and making it easier to punish opponents – so these new musings are just an extension of the same.

But it’s still another sign that if Trump wins again in 2024, all bets of normalcy are off and a nation longing for some rest from controversy and scandal is likely to be thrust back into the thick of it.