Donald Trump’s Fall from Favor May be Nearly Complete

Two years ago, the idea that the unstoppable force of Donald Trump could fall out of favor would have been

Donald Trump

Two years ago, the idea that the unstoppable force of Donald Trump could fall out of favor would have been laughable.

After all, supporters of the former President stood by his side through everything.

Every controversy, every criminal accusation, every time his own words were unappealing – his supporters believed in the MAGA way of life.

But now, Trump’s fall from grace has been rapid and intense, and it may be nearly at an end.

The former POTUS has pushed people too far, and Republicans are quickly jumping ship to stay alive.


Donald Trump Falls out of Favor with Republicans Through his Own Actions

At the start of 2020, Donald Trump was at the height of his power.

Influential, running the country like a puppeteer, and confident in his status, the former President had a following that felt more like a cultural movement than a group of political supporters.

But nearly 3 years later, the landscape has changed.

Twice impeached, disgraced for instigating an insurrection on January 6 at the Capitol, and beset by never-ending civil and criminal investigations, Trump is suddenly not the confident man on top of the world that he was just a few short years ago.

And he keeps making things worse for himself.
Trump most recent controversy kicked off when he caught heat in November for meeting with Kanye West and avowed white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

But that wasn’t enough – the former POTUS then suggested that some parts of the Constitution be terminated to restore him to power after what he called the “rigged election” of 2020.

On the heels of that stunning suggestion, a revelation was uncovered by Forbes that found Trump owed nearly $20M to a company with close ties to North Korea. And that debt continued 5 months into Trump’s presidency. Most alarmingly, paperwork does not make note of who settled the debt or why.

Additionally, this week the Trump Organization was convicted of a number of serious charges in New York including conspiracy, tax fraud and more.

As a result of the rapid-fire controversies, public missteps and the fact that he didn’t bring big wins in the midterms like he promised, a number of once-stalwart Republican allies are now speaking out against the former POTUS.

Where once Republicans were silent in the face of his actions, now they feel more comfortable chiding him. It’s a small sign of change, but the implication grows larger when you consider how lockstep the GOP has appeared over the past 6 years.

CNN writes, “His family business was convicted Tuesday of criminal tax fraud. On the same day, his hand-picked candidate lost a winnable Senate race in a red state. The House January 6 committee has decided to make criminal referrals to the Justice Department – possibly of him or his close associates. And his call to terminate the Constitution has once again backed Republicans into a corner.

So many premature political obituaries have been written for Trump that it would be foolish to write him off as he embarks on his third consecutive White House bid.

But it’s getting more and more difficult to figure out how the man who rewrote the American political playbook can come back from weeks like this.

‘I think Georgia, after this midterm, after what happened in 2020, may be remembered as the state that finally broke Donald Trump,’ senior CNN political commentator Scott Jennings, a Republican, said after CNN projected that Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock would win a full six-year term.

Jennings is no Trump fan, but he is an astute follower of GOP politics.

‘Losing Georgia in the presidential election, losing the Senate race, this is not a state Republicans ought to be losing,’ he said.”

Does a Fall From Favor Mean Trump is Out?

The question then would be: is Donald Trump gone for good? Is this the end of the Trump era?

The answer is likely complicated.

While right now thing may look grim for the twice-impeached former President, political comebacks are not unheard of.

And Trump is better at surviving than almost anyone in the political arena.

So those who think that his fall from grace is a forever goodbye may be surprised in a year or two, or even a few months.

After all, there was a reason people supported Trump to begin with. Who he is, the emotions he harnesses, and his vision for America haven’t changed.

MAGA is still very much alive and well, among his supporters as well, even if they’re slowly inching away from their former leader.

So if the GOP doesn’t present another option that appeals to disaffected voters who believe in MAGA, they may turn again to Trump.

All of that relies on a premise that Trump stays out of jail, however. And with multiple civil and criminal investigations slowly zeroing in on the former POTUS, nothing is guaranteed.

Many questions remain. Such as: how will Trump respond to this? He has multiple moves he could take, many of which would put pressure on Republicans to fall back in line behind him. One move could be to threaten to run as a third party candidate and split the GOP vote if he doesn’t win – a devastating scenario which would spell certain doom for 2024 presidential prospects for the GOP.

In addition, the House panel investigating January 6 has recently announced that they will be recommending criminal charges as a result of their investigation. Those charges could be recommended against Trump himself, or many of his allies. That’s another big question mark, along with the question of whether the Department of Justice will follow the recommendations or ignore them.

Trump will certainly cry foul and blame the “witch hunt” for things going wrong, but that’s not a call to action, which is what he needs right now.

While critics of the FPOTUS may be breathing a sigh of relief recently, it’s far from a done deal. The comeback of Trump could well be more impactful than his first rise to power – and underestimating Trump has never been a good bet.