Donald Trump ‘Fighting Not to Go to Jail’ According to MAGA Insider

Former President Donald Trump seems unusually focused and determined to reclaim the White House in 2024. One former Trump advisor

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump seems unusually focused and determined to reclaim the White House in 2024.

One former Trump advisor and MAGA insider explains that the reasons for his focus and determination are simple: he’s trying to stay out of jail.

Sam Nunberg, a former advisor to then-President Trump and White House insider who testified in the Mueller probe, spoke with MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Tuesday. Nunberg talked about former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows testifying in the investigation into illegally stored classified documents.

Melber welcomed Nunberg to the show, then opened with, “I mentioned your experience, because it’s one thing to stand outside and look and watch and judge as people do. It’s another thing to go through it. And you did. And you went through it, made it to the other side – as Mr. Meadows might – without any prosecutors saying, for example, that you obstructed or anything worse. You went through it, and you cooperated. With that in mind, what do you think of the news that some of these individuals like Meadows now are cooperating with [Jack] Smith – what does that mean for Donald Trump?”


Nunberg replied, “Well, I think that the president and his legal team were aware that Meadows was going to be testifying, because I had heard that Donald Trump is actually saying nice things about meadows. Recently, as of six months ago, [he] was criticizing Meadows once Meadows released this book, ‘The Chief’s Chief.’ And of course, he was criticizing Meadows after he left office, blaming him for the election results. So, it’s not such a surprise.”

Nunberg adds, “And in fact, I’ve also heard from someone first hand that spoke to Meadows, early influential person in a primary state, and Meadows was trying to garner his support for Donald Trump. So, I think they’ve brought Meadows back into the fold here. Meadows’ lawyers, I’m going to assume, are sharing information legally with Trump’s defense team, and it’s to be expected. But the difference between Mueller and this investigation as well is, yes, Donald could not get indicted during Mueller.”

The former advisor explains, “This investigation, and perhaps this election heading into the general election, is Donald fighting not to go to jail.”

Nunberg goes on to explain that he doesn’t believe that charges indicting Trump for possessing the classified documents will hurt him in the Republican primary – in fact, they may help him. Although, he acknowledges, more criminal indictments are likely to hurt him in the general election.

But, Nunberg explains, if he’s indicted on charges related to showing those classified documents to people and potentially putting American lives at risk through sharing sensitive information – that could sway enough Republican voters against him to turn the tide.

It’s unclear exactly who those Republican voters would turn to if Trump were indicted on those charges and they found him no longer palatable.

The Republican field is becoming increasingly congested, but most of the candidates are playing the same song with different instruments.

As 2024’s pre-season heats up, Trump is scrambling to secure his place in the general election, and keeping his eye on the prize that is a potential self-pardon as President.