Donald Trump Goes To War With Republican Leadership

Former President Donald Trump is not happy with Republican leaders. As he has been bowled over by criminal indictment after

Donald Trump
United States President Donald J. Trump joined by US Vice President Mike Pence, delivers brief remarks on the stock marked and the Dow reaching 30,000 for the first time in history, at the White House in Washington, DC on Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Credit: Kevin Dietsch / Pool via CNP Newscom

Former President Donald Trump is not happy with Republican leaders. As he has been bowled over by criminal indictment after criminal indictment, GOP leaders have failed to rally at his side.

While some prominent red politicians have spoken in favor of Trump, the majority of high-ranking Senators and Representatives have opted to stay silent. Some have even ventured so far as to mildly criticize the former President. Trump, who has long criticized their tactics, is now amping up his rhetoric out of disgust and frustration.

Trump Privately Worried About Prison

Donald Trump

In recent days, Donald Trump has worked hard to portray an air of confidence and nonchalance. In an interview last week with NBC’s Kristen Welker, Trump was asked if he is losing sleep over the thought of going to prison. Trump seemed to scoff at the concept, replying, “I don’t even think about it. I’m built a little differently I guess.”

But in private, insiders say it’s another story completely. Sources close to the former President recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the business mogul’s state of mind. In private, he worries about the details of prison. If Trump were found guilty and sentenced to prison, he has mused, would he be allowed to serve time in a “club-fed” prison where conditions are lush? Or would he be in a general population, “bad” spartan prison? Trump has also asked if the government will strip his Secret Service protection, although experts say that almost certainly won’t happen.

And in true Trump fashion, he also apparently is worried about whether or not he will be forced to wear the typical orange jumpsuit. While representatives for the former President have not confirmed these statements, it seems likely that Trump’s concern is growing over time. The business titan had hoped to be re-elected and safely back behind the shield of presidential immunity before these criminal cases against him wrapped up. But it seems unlikely that his hoped-for timeline will materialize. Trump seems likely to either head to the polls next November as a vindicated free man – or a convicted felon.

Donald Trump Is Going To War With Republican Leaders

Donald Trump

And he has plenty to keep him busy in the meantime. Donald Trump‘s criticism of Republican leaders is nothing new, although he seemed to hold his tongue a little during his presidency. Now, however, the gloves are off.

Republican leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell have been quiet and slow to come to Trump’s defense. They may be willing to offer a lukewarm reminder that due process is for everyone and “political witch hunts” are bad. But most of them stop short of offering unwavering support for Trump, which he has demanded. As a result, he’s no longer playing nice. Now, Trump wants to tear down the entire establishment with the Republicans inside.


Donald Trump, Truth Social

Yesterday, Fox News giant Rupert Murdoch announced that he would be retiring, and passing the baton onto his son Lachlan. Trump took to Truth Social this morning to discuss some developments related to Murdoch’s retirement. The former President wrote, “Many people are saying that, ‘You forced Rupert Murdoch into retirement!'” Trump added, “I do not believe this is so, but while we’re at it, how about getting rid of ‘Democrat’ Mitch McConnell, who gives the Radical Left Lunatics, together with his small band of automatic ‘yes’ votes, EVERYTHING they want.”

Trump then dropped the verbal glove and snarled at fellow GOPers, “There is ZERO Republican Leadership in the United States Senate. MAGA!!!”

Trump’s Plan For 2024

Donald Trump, Chris Christie

Donald Trump’s plan to sell himself as a Washington outsider has done well among his constituents. He isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool establishment politician, and he doesn’t stick to political norms. This appeals to his voters. Prior to 2016, a significant number of his voters had not even involved themselves in the election process. Disgusted with Washington’s snub, they returned the favor. Trump pulled them into the process, and they have stuck by his side for the most part through thick and thin.

But Trump needs all the allies he can get right now. Alienating the few powerful friends he has left in a quest to demand their loyalty and further separate himself from establishment norms may backfire. Then again, the former President is fundraising quickly on his criminal indictments. And he may soon enter a phase where he no longer needs the Republicans to be a Republican president. It’s a bizarre twist of fate, but one Donald Trump is hoping for.