‘We May Have to Do it Again’: Donald Trump Hints at 2024 Run Ahead of Final January 6 Hearing Tomorrow

Donald Trump has been lapping up the "will he/won't he" attention ahead of announcing a potential 2024 run for President.

Donald Trump Hints at 2024 Run Ahead of Final January 6 Hearing Tomorrow

Donald Trump has been lapping up the "will he/won't he" attention ahead of announcing a potential 2024 run for President.

But everyone knows it's pretty much a done deal – now all his supporters can do is wait for the official announcement. Over the weekend, Trump dropped a huge hint for crowds in Nevada.

But even though he's trying to focus on the future and get his supporters laser-focused on 2024, the final January 6 committee hearing is looming and bringing with it the specter of one of America's darkest days.

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Trump Amps Up Crowds in Nevada

When Trump took to the stage in Nevada, much of what he said was nothing new.

But as midterms approach and Trump is feeling more bold (or more reckless, depending on who you ask), he's starting to amp up rhetoric both online and in rallies.

Now, the former POTUS is pushing Q-Anon conspiracy theories and phrases without hesitation, and talking about the doom of America if he fails to regain the White House in 2024.

Trump told supporters in Nevada, "In the history of our country by far, by far, more votes than any sitting president by many many millions of votes – and now, we may have to do it again. You'll be finding out soon. Country is going to hell."

Trump also took a moment to brag about how the biggest crowd he's ever seen was on January 6. The crowd went wild as the former POTUS said, "They were there largely to protest a corrupt and rigged and stolen election."

It's the clearest sign yet that not only does the FPOTUS plan on announcing a run soon, but he's confident that he won't be found culpable for January 6.

Justice Department Asks SCOTUS to Stay Out of Document Investigation

As the Department of Justice investigation into Trump's handling of classified documents at his Florida residence enters another stage, Trump's legal team is asking the Supreme Court to step in.

ABC News reports, "The Department of Justice on Tuesday urged the Supreme Court to avoid intervening in the government's ongoing documents dispute with Donald Trump, asserting that the former president is not entitled to have the court put the materials before an independent arbiter.

Trump had asked the court to put more than 100 documents with classification markings back in the hands of the special master appointed to review the materials seized from Mar-a-Lago.

The DOJ said in their latest filing that Trump has no plausible claims of ownership or privilege in the documents bearing classification markings' and said that he has never represented in court that he declassified any of the documents — 'much less supported such a representation with competent evidence.'"

A federal court has already allowed the government access to the documents Trump's team is trying to exclude. The DOJ's filing read in part, "Most notably, applicant has not even attempted to explain how he is irreparably injured by the court of appeals' partial stay, which simply prevents disclosure of the documents bearing classification markings in the special-master review during the pendency of the government's expedited appeal."

The request was filed directly with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, whose wife is under scrutiny for her potential involvement in organizing the January 6 riots. He can either issue an independent ruling, remand it to the whole court, or dismiss it.

So far, Thomas has not signaled one way or the other on how he will rule. The SCOTUS has not been a particularly friendly place for Trump to find legal remedy, despite the fact that it's a conservative majority.