‘We Won’t Have a Country Anymore’: Donald Trump Issues Dire Warning Ahead of Next January 6 Hearing

Donald Trump is dominating headlines everywhere, a status he generally enjoys. But this week, his headlines are increasingly dark –

'We Won't Have a Country Anymore': Donald Trump Issues Dire Warning Ahead of Next January 6 Hearing

Donald Trump is dominating headlines everywhere, a status he generally enjoys. But this week, his headlines are increasingly dark – and signal snowballing worries as more and more witnesses come forward to speak with the House January 6 panel.

Today, Trump has issued a dire warning about the future of the country if people don't pay attention – but not to the hearings. He wants people to recognize what he considers to be a concerted effort to tear him down at all costs, and he thinks the country may go down with him.

Corruption – at the Heart of the January 6 Panel?

January 6 hearings resume today for the first time since June, and the former president has wasted zero time taking to his platform Truth Social to blast his feelings on the day's upcoming events.

Trump was up early on a Florida morning writing, "Isn’t it INCREDIBLE that the people who Cheated, Rigged, and Stole the 2020 Presidential Election, for which there is massive and incontestable evidence and proof (and now even the Wisconsin Supreme Court just ruled that Ballot Boxes, which are impossible to control & easy to cheat with, are ILLEGAL!), are totally protected from harm (the FIX is in!), and the people that caught them cheating are being investigated. Someday soon this will change, or we won’t have a Country anymore!"

Later, Trump took aim at what he believes the January 6 panel's real purpose is – making him look bad; "Can anyone even imagine the Unselect Committee, which was formed solely for the purpose of bringing down my 'numbers,' or worse, relying on the Fake and made up stories, already largely debunked, of a female scam artist, Cassidy Hutchinson, who desperately wanted to go with the Trump Team to Florida long after January 6th, and went 'crazy' when she was told no. They called her a 'leaker' and worse, didn’t want her!"

He then added, "Look at the people sitting on the Unselect Committee of Political Hacks and Thugs. Have you seen them before? Yes, they are essentially the same lunatics that drove the Country 'crazy' with their lies and made up stories, like RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, and all of the others, who were caught in the act sooo many times, and now they’re just going with this HOAX, which is as true as me trying to strangle a Secret Service Agent from behind in, she said, 'the Beast (I wasn’t even in the Beast)!"

The former president has been trying to act nonchalant as the January 6 panel hearings proceed, but after former White House aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Cassidy Hutchinson dropped bombshell testimony in June, he's having a harder time appearing unbothered.

His latest online volley comes amid rumors that he hopes to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election in an attempt to deflect heat and switch up headlines, but Republicans are scrambling to convince him not to announce ahead of midterms.

A New Poll Suggests Trump May Be Ignoring Other Warnings

There's a reason they don't want him to announce before midterms – his star appears to be waning. Although Trump supporters and the former president himself will tell you that he's just as popular – if not more popular – as he was when he left office, and there is some data suggesting similar, a new poll casts doubt on his prospects.

Only less than half of GOP voters would back Trump in a hypothetical 2024 primary, according to a new The New York Times/Siena College poll.

Insider writes, "In a hypothetical matchup constructed by the Times, voters were asked who their preferred candidate for president would be in the upcoming election. Among Republican respondents, 49% said they would vote for Trump and 25% said they would prefer Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida. DeSantis was the only other potential candidate listed in the poll to receive double digit support from voters, while potential Republicans like Mike Pence, Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley received single digit support."

The former President had thoughts on that poll, taking aim at The New York Times on Truth Social; "Wow! The Failing New York Times is really failing now: Down more than 40%, and heading lower. FAKE NEWS!" He then released a statement that accused the outlet of "hating America" and being an "enemy of the people."

While the 49% would still clinch the nomination for the former president, it's a sign that GOP voters may be tiring of the business mogul's ongoing media circus. Republican strategists are crossing their fingers and hoping he waits until after midterm elections to announce his candidacy because they're worried that his announcement could drive Democrat and anti-Trump Independents to the polls in record numbers for the upcoming Fall midterms.

Trump meanwhile is racing against the clock – the longer he waits, the more the heat is building against him for his culpability related to January 6 and election interference in Georgia. While announcing his intent to run again may not deflect it all, it may be the only move left to the man who's used to dodging every attack.